The upcoming "Get Together" expansion pack for "The Sims 4" will introduce a totally new world as well as different virtual activities to gamers.

According to the developers, the new pack is all about letting Sims characters have fun and meet new friends, PC Gamer has learned.

In "Get Together," gamers will be able to explore a new world called Windeburg. Inspired by the European setting, Windenburg features a mix between classic and modern surroundings.

In this virtual world, gamers will have the option to roam the countryside, visit historical structures, relax in cafes or check out the local hangout spots.

According to Rachel Franklin, the executive producer of "The Sims 4," Windenburg was developed to appeal to the global followers of the game series.

"[Creating it] was pretty fun for us," she told Game Planet. "We have such a global audience, so we wanted to make sure that feeling of reliability that you have for your Sims, we have that in the places they live as well."

"We were inspired by European architecture, definitely that mix of old and new that you find in Europe that we don't have in the States at all," Franklin continued. "We think that a Liberty Bell is ancient, you know? Then you come to Europe and there are these ruins right next to a modern office building."

Aside from the sights, Sim characters will also be able to mingle with new groups of friends through Clubs, according to an update on the game's official website. Gamers can choose which Club to join based on their interests. But, they can also create and customize their own Clubs.

The expansion pack will also feature new activities such as playing football, swimming in rivers and attending parties. Through these parties, gamers can acquire new skills such as dancing and being a DJ.

The "Get Together" expansion pack for "The Sims 4" was first unveiled by developer EA Maxis on August 5 during the recent Gamescom event. It is scheduled to be released sometime in November of this year.

It is the second official expansion pack for the game after "Get to Work," which came out in March. In the first expansion, gamers were given the opportunity to establish businesses and careers for their Sim characters such as being a baker, a detective, a doctor or a scientist.

Check out the announcement trailer for "The Sims 4: Get Together" expansion pack below.