On August 21, Ventura County Superior Court Judge Vincent O'Neill Jr. ruled against the Godspeak Calvary Chapel for holding indoor worship despite Covid-19 restrictions against large indoor gatherings. 

Although the county suggested a fine of $6000, the court ordered the church to pay $3,000 which included $500 for each violation. Pastor Ron McCoy, the senior pastor at Godspeak Calvary Chapel, responded, "It's a small price to pay and I'm good with it."

Pastor Rob McCoy, stated that "God gave us these rights" and "no government on the face of the Earth... [has] the right to get in between God's creation worshipping him, ever." Pastor McCoy seemingly plans to continue service as usual despite Harvest Rock Church receiving letters from the Chief Pasadena Assistant Prosecutor, warning them of possible jail time to those who continue to defy public health orders.

Pastor Rob McCoy shares his views with the former mayor of California's Nevada city, Reinette Senum. She believed Governor Newsom's Covid-19 restrictions were unreasonable and stated the "economic, physiological, and emotional damage we're enduring completely outweighs any benefits we're seeing." Both show great sympathy for struggling business owners during the pandemic, stating the low chances of transmission and death are not worth the financial struggles of so many members in their community. 

Although open to indoor services, the Church offers radio services and live streams to congregants who "desire to be socially distanced," according to its website (godspeak.com).

Pastor McCoy hasn't closed the church since late May and claimed to have seen zero cases of Covid-19 within his congregation.