Controversial Brooklyn Pastor Reenacts $1M Jewelry Robbery in ‘Strange’ Manner, Likens Himself to King David

Controversial Brooklyn Pastor Re-enacts M Jewelry Robbery in ‘Strange’ Manner, Likens Himself to King David

The controversial Brooklyn pastor who figured in a million-dollar robbery as a victim recently staged a reenactment of the heist.

But, he did not stop there.

'Strange' Reenactment

Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead, who heads the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in Brooklyn, relived the daring jewelry robbery during Sunday's prayer meeting at his church.

According to BestLife Online, Whitehead directed some congregation members to mimic what transpired during the armed robbery.

"I need you to get back in position when them three men came in here with them guns out. I gotta get back into position," Whitehead said.

He then produced a "voosh" sound and ducked into the church floors behind the podium to dramatize the incident.

The 'strange' reenactment took on another height when the flashy pastor made a bold Biblical comparison.

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'Like King David'

Whitehead explained that whatever he lost during the armed heist, God would make a way to give him back twice as much as what he lost in the robbery.

"Don't think that God allows somebody to come here and steal something for him not to give us double. This is what the Bible says. David recovered all," the pastor told his audience.

Earlier reports said that Whitehead lost over $1 million in jewelry when three armed men stormed into his church while delivering a sermon last week.

The incident was live streamed and seen by in-person churchgoers, reports said.

What the Assailants Took

The New York Post initially reported that the armed robbers successfully took at least $400,000 in jewelry from the pastor and his wife.

The Post said some church members also had their valuables taken during the incident.

Among the items the robbers stole from Whitehead were his bishop's ring and several gold chains.

However, a subsequent report by the same news outlet pegged the total amount of stolen jewelry at $1 million.

A Robber Himself?

Despite his current status as a 'man of God,' Whitehead apparently had a shady past that included being a robber himself.

A 2006 New York Post article revealed that Whitehead, then 27, was arrested on 10 identity theft charges that victimized at least five Suffolk County residents.

The report bared that Whitehead potentially stole $2 million by stealing the identity of the victims who resided in Long Island and Brooklyn.

New York police suspected that there could have been other victims in neighboring states.

Aside from the identity theft charges, Whitehead was also accused of duping one of his parishioners into giving him her life savings.

A Daily News report revealed that the Brooklyn pastor allegedly convinced Pauline Anderson, 56, to issue him a $90,000 check.

Anderson said in her lawsuit that Whitehead promised to help her buy a home despite her low credit ratings.

They also allegedly agreed that Whitehead would give her $100 monthly until such time that the pastor has successfully bought her the home he promised her.

Whitehead, however, stopped giving Anderson the promised payments after just one month, the report said. 

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