California Councilman Blasts Fresno For Flying LGBT Pride Flag Outside City Hall

California Councilman Blasts Fresno For Flying LGBT Pride Flag Outside City Hall

A city council member in California vocally opposed the City Hall flying an LGBT pride flag, calling it an "attack" on Christianity.

Councilman Garry Bredefeld of Fresno, California expressed dissatisfaction over the decision of City Hall to raise an LGBT pride flag this Pride Month. The California councilman believes it's a "disgraceful attack on traditional Christianity" to do so.

Councilman Bredefeld told EyeWitness News 47 that the LGBT pride flag should now be flying outside City Hall and that the only flags they should show are the flags of the U.S. government, state of California, and the city of Fresno. He argued, "If you're a follower of Jesus Christ, I don't know how you would refer to Jesus Christ as the 'scandalous one' and the 'queer of nations' and all of that."

"There are people who want to take that and say, 'Well you're against people who are homosexual,' which is false and not true," Councilman Bredefeld explained. He also vowed to speak out when people "attack prayer."

Citizens Call for California Councilman's Removal from Office Following LGBT Pride Flag Criticism

During a Pride Month ceremony, Rev. Raygan Baker of Big Red Church in Fresno said that, "You, queer one, oh queering one, reveal the gifts of falling outside the lines." This was also met with criticism from Councilman Bredefeld.

The California councilman took to Twitter on Sunday to denounce Rev. Baker's prayer, calling it an "disgraceful attack on traditional Christianity." He also vowed to speak out on these "attacks on Christianity" and reject the "perversion of God," the Christian Post reported.

Councilman Bredefeld's comments drew the ire of citizens, who have begun a petition calling for his removal from office, citing his recent comments and his position on various issues. The petition described the California councilman's "blatant disrespect for people of Fresno" and "stain on the community" as reasons for his removal. It also cited his "anti-mask" and "pro-Trump" position.

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Town in Republican State Won't Fly an LGBT Flag

Elsewhere in the U.S., one town is refusing to fly an LGBT flag during Pride Month. NBC 6 South Florida reported that as per Surfside Mayor Shlomo Danzinger, the LGBT pride flag will not by flown on the town's property this month.

During a meeting on Tuesday, Danzinger pointed to a recent Supreme Court opinion in which the high court decided that the city of Boston could not fly some flag form outside groups while choosing not to fly others, as it is deemed government speech. But the decision was met with pushback from others in the council.

Frank Trigueros, who serves as a spokesperson for Surfside, argued that town in fact has no written flag policy. Meanwhile, former Surfside commissioner Eliana Salzhauer said that the town's refusal to fly an LGBT pride flag is "an excuse and cover for bigotry.

Danzinger explained however that the decision came about from their desire not to "open our town up to potential issues by being biased towards one cause over the other."

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