Capitol Officer Who Died During Capitol Riot Wasn’t Killed By Bludgeoning, Mom Says

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

The mother of the police officer who died from the Capitol Hill riot says her son did not die because of a blow to the head. However, authorities are keeping quiet on the actual details.

Officer Brian Sicknick's mom revealed her son died of a stroke, instead of what was first believed to be a deadly blow to the head, The Blaze reported.

According to Gladys Sicknick, the 74-year old mother of the fallen officer, the manner of reporting regarding her son's death was rather erroneous. Gladys denied that her son Brian was killed by a deadly blow to the head with a fire extinguisher as was previously reported. Instead, her son might have suffered a fatal stroke that caused his death during the riot.

In an interview, Gladys admitted that more than a month after the riot, they are still unsure about the real details surrounding her son's death. But when asked about a bludgeoning that might have caused her son's death, Gladys' answer was "no."

"He wasn't hit on the head, no," Gladys told the Daily Mail in an interview.

"We think he had a stroke, but we don't know anything for sure. We'd love to know what happened."

Officer Sicknick's death has become a rallying cry for many that led to the failed impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

In the initial report, the Capitol Hill officer "seemed to be hit on the head with a fire extinguisher by an unknown person wearing a backpack."

Sicknick did not immediately die during the riot. Instead, he was still able to return to his division office but collapsed afterwards and succumbed to his head injury which led to his death.

With Gladys' statement, Capitol Hill Police are staying quiet on further details. So far, their only statement was that Sicknick was "injured while physically engaging with protesters."

However, the New York Times' "explosive" detail of the story surrounding Sicknick's death said that "two anonymous law enforcement officials" claimed that Sicknick died after getting hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. This led to a firestorm of anger as mainstream media and anti-Trump lawmakers painted the riot as a murderous insurrection without even verifying the facts surrounding the case.

However, there has been new development to Sicknick's case after medical examiners reported to find no evident of blunt force trauma to the head that could have caused his death. The autopsy result is without a doubt the opposite of mainstream media's earlier narrative of a deadly insurrection caused by Trump supporters.

Investigators are now exploring other causes that might have led to Sicknick's death including the possibility of a chemical irritant like a pepper spray or something similar that he ingested during the riot. They are also looking for a pre-existing condition that could have been made worse when Sicknick confronted the rioters on Jan. 6.

For now, only one truth remains: authorities are still quiet on the real details surrounding the attack, including Sicknick's death.