Christian Actor And 'Hacksaw Ridge' Star Boldly Shares The Gospel To Millions Of Social Media Followers

Nathaniel Buzolic
Nathaniel Buzolic |

Christian actor Nathaniel Buzolic, who was part of "Hacksaw Ridge," was applauded for sharing the Gospel using his social media platforms.

Faithwire reported about the movie star's posts on Instagram and Twitter, sharing about Jesus, His ministry and the salvation He offers to mankind.

On Instagram, Buzolic discussed how Jesus handled His ministry - focusing on proclaiming the Gospel rather than popularity, forbidding people to share about His miracles.

"Jesus didn't want people to proclaim Him as the Healer simply because this wasn't Jesus' primary purpose for His visitation among men. In fact if you read the verses before This exchange with the leper we get a clear understanding of exactly why Jesus' came & what He felt tasked to do," the actor said.

"Jesus says this to his disciples - 'let's go somewhere else, to the neighboring towns, so that I MAY PROCLAIM THE MESSAGE THERE ALSO, (here it is) THIS IS WHY I CAME FOR,'" he added.

"The more famous Jesus became for healing the less people wanted to hear about the actual Good news of the kingdom of God that Jesus had came to proclaim," Buzolic explained.

He went on to say that "renewal of the mind" is more important than physical healing, adding that transformation through the Word of God will make people trust Him despite trials and tribulations.

He concluded with Jesus' statement, saying that those who abide in His Word will know the truth which is key to people's freedom.

On Twitter, the star also spoke about Jesus, discussing about His return and the urgency of preaching the Gospel.

In his latest post, he shared about the goodness of God and saving mankind through His son.

"We blame God for man's behavior simply so we can excuse our own poor behavior. But when will we thank God for His behavior? What behavior you might ask? His mercy in your sin, His compassion in your brokenness, He's faithfulness in your fear, His offer of salvation with His son," he tweeted.

In an interview with The 700 Club which was shared by Movieguide, Buzolic revealed that he became a Christian when he started working on "The Vampire Diaries." He said that he questioned the essence of his life when he attended an event called Passion conference. Realizing that his career and everything he was chasing at the time were meaningless, he gave his life to Christ at 27. However, he only got more serious about practicing his faith when he was 33.

"So six years of really just going 'What is this? What does that look like?'" he recalled.

He stated that His relationship with the LORD grew by reading the Bible.

The actor also disclosed that he got into the lowest point in his life, wherein he wished his plane would crash just so his pain would end.

But he decided to change and fully surrendered to the LORD when he encountered Him during an event in a refugee camp in Iraq.

Looking into everything he went through, Buzolic declared that God looks at people's pain and uses it for His glory.