Christian Actress Testifies To Power Of Prayer, Miracles, And The Holy Spirit

Christian Actress Testifies To Power Of Prayer, Miracles, And The Holy Spirit

A Christian actress and author is encouraging people to "look for blessings" despite life's difficulties.

Actress Roma Downey just released a new book this week titled "Unexpected Blessings: 90 Inspirations to Nourish Your Soul and Open Your Heart," and is encouraging people to "look for blessings in life" despite the difficulties, saying that "prayer is powerful." The 61 year old actress, producer, and author also opened up about how she never tackles anything without taking it to God.

"[Prayer is] a very powerful tool that's available to each and every one of us," Downey told CBN's Faithwire in a recent video conversation. "I haven't made any decision big or small that I haven't prayed about first."

Downey, who was born in Derry, Northern Ireland, has used her devotion to her faith in many of her projects, including "Touched By an Angel," a long-running CBS television show that spanned 1994 to 2003 for which she earned multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Best Actress nominations. The actress is also known as the producer behind the miniseries "The Bible" for the History Channel.

"Prayer is so powerful, and I've just seen in my own life, the power of prayer and how prayer has worked," Downey said of the way invocations made a real difference in her life. "If it didn't always bring the miracle that I prayed for, the miracle was that it brought maybe peace and comfort to my own heart. Maybe it helped take away some of that worry."

Downey highlighted the importance of looking for blessings in life despite its trials and tribulations. Instead of shutting down when faced with turmoil, the actress and author said that people must open their hearts to God and focus on the gifts in life.

Downey explained that when people shut down in response to trials and tribulations, "our hearts get hardened because we're protecting ourselves, and we've been hurt." Instead, she urged to open one's heart to "[give] an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move in." She said that when the Holy Spirit moves into one's heart, "anything is possible."

According to the Christian Post, Downey's new book, "Unexpected Blessings: 90 Inspirations to Nourish Your Soul and Open Your Heart" came about from her earlier book titled "Box of Butterflies," which is described as a spiritual memoir. In it, the actress shared to readers her journey through life. The idea for her new book also came about as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Downey admitted that most people like her had "very challenging few years" due to the pandemic. She explained, "I decided that if 'Box of Butterflies' was the tree, then this new book was like a branch of really doing that deeper dive."

The author also gave some useful spiritual advice. She shared that people must create space in their life to see the unexpected blessings. People must "train" their minds and have enough discipline in their hearts to see that even if life is not unfolding the way they want it to, "there are still blessings everywhere."