Christian Leader Renamed ‘Pride Month’ as ‘Fidelity Month’ to Highlight Importance of Fidelity to God

Pride Flag
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In a move aimed at emphasizing the significance of fidelity to God, a conservative Christian philosopher, and Princeton University professor, Dr. Robert P. George, has called for June to be recognized and celebrated as "Fidelity Month." Dr. George aims to raise awareness and encourage others to embrace this new designation by launching a dedicated website and social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Fidelity Month

According to a report from Fox News, the announcement arrives amidst a wave of criticism aimed at marketing and advertising decisions made by companies such as Target, Bud Light, and the L.A. Dodgers in preparation for Pride Month. Dr. George's announcement comes in response to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, which revealed a concerning decline in Americans' beliefs and values regarding religion, family, community, and country. In light of these findings, Dr. George and Deacon John Barry from Top Dog Design Studio decided to adopt the myrtle wreath as the symbol for this proposed holiday, as myrtle traditionally signifies fidelity. Additionally, they incorporated other elements to represent God, family, and country, as outlined on the website.

The wreath's shape reportedly symbolizes the eternal nature of God, with its open top suggesting a divine embrace. The star and stripes within the wreath symbolize the unity of Americans as "one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Gold, another significant element, represents fidelity, generosity, and compassion, showcasing virtues against self-centeredness while promoting service to God, family, community, and country. Meanwhile, blue represents truth, loyalty, responsibility, and peace. As mentioned, Dr. George's call extends to organizations, public officials, legislators, pastors, and others, urging them to embrace and share this symbol while celebrating the newly designated "Fidelity Month." Juicy Ecumenism reported that the month prioritizes loyalty to God, spouses and families, and country and communities.

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Call for Christian Allegiance Amidst Growing Controversies

Pride Month in June promises to be more contentious than ever, judging by the recent events in the final weeks of May. Breakpoint reported that the uproar surrounding target's collaboration with a clothing company known for producing clothing that celebrates Satanism has captured the nation's attention. Surprisingly, mainstream media outlets, including a few claiming to represent the Christian perspective, have portrayed the concerned individuals as villains, diverting attention from the actual grooming taking place by corporate and activist entities.

Moreover, the L.A. Dodgers found themselves embroiled in a controversy. After a public exchange of views, the Major League Baseball team decided to provide a platform for an LGBTQ organization known for its hyper-sexualized performances that openly ridicule Jesus and mock Christian symbols. Accordingly, such blasphemy would never be tolerated if directed toward other religious groups. On the other hand, Professor George, who played a key role in the Manhattan Declaration, a 2009 statement outlining Christian convictions on matters of life, marriage, and religious liberty, believes that Fidelity Month offers an opportunity to intentionally remember and uphold these commitments often scorned in our culture. Pride Month, for instance, places desire and autonomy above allegiance to God, children, and each other and distort reality.

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