Church Donates A Minivan To Family Of 7; Continues To Help Out Others

Pastor Andre Miller, Sr.
Pastor Andre Miller, Sr. |

The pandemic has struck most Americans--unemployment cases on the rise and no money to spare. This has been the case for Fallon LaGuerra and her family, she has lost her job during the pandemic and on top of that she has to take care of her seven children. She thought she was alone in this struggle--but the Church had her back.

Pastor Andre Miller Sr. of New Beginnings Christian Church knew her situation and he wanted to take action and help her out. He and the other members of the Christian Church wanted to help a struggling sister out. At the same time of losing her job, LaGuerra's family car also broke down. With no money to spare for repairs, she decided to let it go.

However, Pastor Miller decided to help out with her struggles and immediately went on Facebook to post an inquiry. He asked who can help him out in donating a minivan to a deserving and worthy mother, ABC15 reports. In no time, his post was answered by people who were willing to help out.

Jeremy Whitaker, a former council member in Mesa, saw the pastor's Facebook post and shared it. The nonprofit group, "Helping Hands for Single Moms" and the Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals (NAPRO), teamed up and repaired a minivan that would be donated to LaGuerra and her family

LaGuerra was still clueless on what was happening. She was just about to have her usual chat with Pastor Miller but little did she know he would surprise her and her family with the minivan.

"It's amazing. It's amazing because you don't see that in too many places. I know the pastor's heart is in a good place," LaGuerra happily shared.

She is very much thankful for the people of her community who went out their way to help struggling people just like her. She believes it was divine intervention that helped her receive these gifts from the community.

Pastor Miller already has a history of helping people out during the pandemic. His church community has started a fundraiser to help people out struggling people in need. Kristen Smith, a single mother and a frequent churchgoer from the community, was helped by the community and was given $250 which was enough to cover her expenses.


The New Beginnings Christian Church does not only help the people from their community but they really help those who are in need. Tattoo artist Beau Banks did not attend Pastor Miller's church, yet it was the same church that helped him. All Banks needed to do was ask and he did receive help.

He was about to be evicted from his home if it were not for the help of Pastor Miller's church. "I almost came to tears, yet it was pretty moving," Banks shared.

Pastor Miller's church is just one of the many churches that have helped thousands of people ever since the pandemic happened. Continuously spreading the good news and the good mission of the Lord.

(Edited to add photos from Pastor Andre Miller Sr.)