Robbers Take Over $1M Jewelry From Brooklyn Pastor, Wife During Church Service

Robbers Take Over M Jewelry From Brooklyn Pastor, Wife During Church Service

Pastor Lamor Miller-Whitehead and his wife reportedly fell victim to three men who robbed them at gunpoint while he was preaching on Sunday.

According to a CNN article, at least three suspects barged into the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in Brooklyn while the pastor was livestreaming his sermon. 

Some two dozen congregants were inside the church during the incident.

The report revealed that the suspects took over a million dollars worth of jewelry from the pastor and his wife.

Details Of The Robbery

A copy of the video obtained by CBS News showed one of the suspects holding a gun against Whitehead, who abruptly stopped his sermon and ducked to the floor.

Whitehead told CBS News that he saw a backroom door kicked open some five to 10 minutes into his sermon.

He narrated how he verbally expressed his resignation to the robbers to avoid anyone getting hurt.

"Alright, alright, alright... I don't want my parishioners hurt. I've got women and children there," Whitehead reportedly told the suspects.

The pastor said the suspects removed his bishop's chain and ring, wedding band, and more chains under his robe.

He opined how the robbers seem to know where to look exactly.

"So that means they knew. They watched and they knew that I have other jewelry," CBS News quoted him saying.

Aside from his jewelry pieces, the suspects reportedly went after the his wife's jewelry, too. 

He added that the robbers held their 8-month-old child at gunpoint, the CBS News report revealed.

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Effects Of The Incident

The robbery incident reportedly had an instant ill effect on the whole congregation.

Whitehead told CNN that the gunpoint robbery 'traumatized' his church.

In response, the pastor said he's willing to pay $50,000 to any individual who could provide police with information that would aid in arresting the three suspects.

"I know somebody knows something and I want to make sure you all know that I'm invested into this," CNN quoted Whitehead saying.

As a precaution, the pastor said they would upgrade their church security system to help prevent a similar incident.

Whitehead likewise expressed his intent to get a therapist to process his church members and help them recover from the negative impact of the robbery.

He ultimately voiced what he wanted out of the police investigation into the matter.

"I want justice, I want these men arrested," Whitehead said on his Instagram account.

About Pastor Whitehead

The church leader is known for sporting a flashy appearance in public with expensive jewelry pieces and designer clothing.

Whitehead, also called 'Bishop,' owns flashy vehicles aside from expensive outfits and accessories.

The Brooklyn pastor's Instagram has photos of his big-ticket properties, but he has vehemently denied living a flashy lifestyle.

"It's not about me being flashy. It's about me purchasing what I want to purchase," Whitehead said.

He reportedly established the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in 2013.

Whitehead studied at the New York Theological Seminary and the Theological Institution of Rising Hope, Inc., where he obtained a Ministry in Human Services certificate.

CNN noted Whitehead's relationship with Eric Adams, New York City's mayor.

The news outlet said that Adams 'took Whitehead in as a mentee.'

Adams told reporters that armed robbery has no place in the city, including 'faith leaders and congregants inside houses of worships.'

He also assured the public that local police are working hard to bring the suspects to justice.

"The NYPD is investigating this crime and will work tirelessly to bring the criminals involved to justice," Adams said.

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