Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert Urges Christians To Be Involved In Taking Back America And Restoring Godly Values To The Country

FlashPoint with Gene Bailey feat. Rep. Lauren Boebert
FlashPoint with Gene Bailey feat. Rep. Lauren Boebert |

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co) appeared on the Victory Channel's FlashPoint to respond to questions from host Gene Bailey regarding the border situation, H.R. 1, and how Christians should respond to these.

The border crisis, Boebert said, was under control during the Trump administration, but after the switch in administrations, the Border Patrol agents she's spoken to in McAllen, Texas, have said that they've been overrun by illegal immigrants.

Boebert said that the agents are now underfunded and understaffed, and that they are unable to control the issue that has been exacerbated by Biden's policies.

When Boebert moved on to Kamala Harris' answer, she brought attention to Harris' lie that she had visited the border. When Harris was called out on it, she just laughed at the situation, claiming that she had never even traveled to Europe. Considering Harris's remarks, Boebert believes that she has no plans to visit these holding facilities, where there are thousands of children "wrapped in stuff like baked potatoes," or travel to the HHS facilities where they are shuttling "illegal aliens" out by the busload and even sending them to local airports all over the United States.

"Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have been absent while the American people are suffering," she said.

Contrasting the two administrations, Boebert noted that one year ago under President Trump, there were 1400 unaccompanied minors, being kept at the border. Now, there are 22,000 unaccompanied minors, being kept in the United States' care at the border. In President Trump's final month in office, CBP let 18 illegal immigrants into the United States but in April, the Biden Administration allowed over 26,000 illegal aliens into the neighborhoods.

"These illegals aren't just going to South Texas and Arizona. I was down there. I saw them flying and being bused to states all across America for American communities struggling with increased gangs and drugs," she argued. "This is a crisis for the ranchers in Texas who regularly have their property, damaged, and their safety threatened by these aliens. It's a crisis but like I said, Jean for Joe Biden and Katelyn Kamala, this is absolutely mission accomplished."

What's at stake with Voter H.R. 1

Gene Bailey then turned the conversation to Boebert's tweet regarding voter HR 1 and asked her to clarify what she meant.

Under HR one, she explained, politicians who run for office on taxpayer-funded campaigns, would have their campaigns matched dollar for dollar.

"Six to one by your tax dollars. This is taxpayer funded politicians. It is very swampy. It's very corrupt, and it should not take place in American politics," she said.

"This is a DC takeover of our federal elections," she added. "This is a very very corrupt system that they want to put in place and make permanent for our federal elections and hopes that they will never lose another election, again, but I think the American people are seeing through this, especially with the defeat of HR one in the Congress, and we will take back the Congress in 2022."

Christians as battle troops on the ground

Agreeing that "America is waking up," Bailey asked the representative what she wants to say to Christian conservatives.

"Well, we know that this is not a battle between people. This is very much a spiritual's flesh and blood so we absolutely need prayer warriors in this on the frontlines praying. But as a Christian, I need you to get involved," she said.

"We need Christians getting involved at every level. We need you, making phone calls. Those phone calls to your representatives and to your senators, absolutely matter," she continued.

She also encouraged "good, godly Christian leaders" to run in school board elections, where curriculums are determined for the sake of the children, and to run for government office whenever possible.

"So we need Christians involved in every area: praying, running, helping other candidates, and donating their time and their effort as well. That absolutely matters and I believe that everyone who invests in campaigns all across the nation are actually sowing into the very plan that God has for this nation," she said.

Watch FlashPoint below to hear Bailey and Boebert's talk on the matter.