Wounded Christians Are God’s ‘Secret Weapon’ And Here’s Why, According To A Minister

broken and contrite

Mario Murillo explains why a certain kind of people he calls "wounded healers," despite their lack of a perfect track record, are God's secret weapon set to be unleashed, soon.

The California minister describes them as "not the sanitized, immaculate version of the Body of Christ."

"They have messed up and then gotten back up. Trampled and left for dead, God restored them! They have no image to protect or ego to wound. They are the most dangerous people that Satan will ever face!" he wrote last Tuesday.

He explained that such is their case because the furnace of affliction has given them all new appetites. Consequently, they are uninterested in "glory, titles, and awards."

Their focus is to demonstrate compassion and to invite others to do the same.

Because they have gone to the Cross, nothing can get them to argue about Christian dogma. They are aware of the Blood that purchased them and then resurrected them.

"You cannot find such zeal in religious do-gooders who never brave beyond ivied halls of respectability," observed Murillo. "You will not find this flame in the bleachers where the cold souls sit and keep score, but who will never take the field."

Characteristics of Wounded Healers

" Wounded healers do not boast of clean uniforms and of battles evaded, but of scars and gates of hell invaded."

Murillo explained the nuance of Daniel 11:32 in relation to Daniel 35, saying that today's attacks are not designed to "destroy," but rather to "purify" the faithful, that "rejection and abandonment" are not intended for "shame," but for "purity," and that it does not matter how Pharisees see their garments as long as they are "white before God."

Despite religious voices disqualifying them, the preacher continued, their destiny will be settled at a later time, adding that the door that God opens will stay open.

"Wounded Healers are able to reach the masses that the regular church cannot."

Murillo emphasized that these wounded healers are the perfect weapon for this time, but at the end of the day, he wished that they can somehow realize who they are and let go of their desire for "cookie-cutter" Christian acceptance. Then and only then will they be able to serve as "God's soul-tractor beam."

"Look around you and you will see how a new generation of leader is coming to the fore," declared Murillo. "They do not wait for committee approval. They rent a school auditorium in a bad area and just start preaching. They preach raw sermons with an open heart and crowds come from everywhere."

The pastor likened their frontline ministry to carrying "unlicensed weapons" as they open their homes to youths, give out food, clothes, and love in diverse ways. Despite the fact that their ministry is "unlisted" and unacknowledged by the Council of Churches, Murillo believes that Jesus is quite pleased to attend their every meeting.

"Wounded healers operate under direct orders of the King of Kings"

Noting that others may not wear denominational labels because they do not need buttering up in comfortable spaces, Murillo said that these wounded healers bring the fight to where it is most needed.

They are distinct from the rest of professing Christians because they perceive people through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.

"They do not view the sinner as a commodity, but as kidnapped royalty," comments the evangelist.

"Wounded healers are not perfect containers, they are simply full of oil and that is all that truly matters."

The analogy was based on the Old Testament account about the poor widow who was instructed by Elijah to gather as many containers as she could, and God would fill them with oil. She discovered it did not matter whether the cans, bottles, pails, or pots were in good shape. They were all filled with oil, which God gave.

Murillo offered additional Biblical examples, including Saul of Tarsus, whose unmatched effort for Christ stemmed from his realization that he was a "broken vessel," and the unknown woman who washed Jesus' feet in tears, poured oil over them, and has not stopped kissing them since he entered.

"Therefore, to all you wounded healers, I say, you will not get credit from the religious peanut gallery, so you will have to be content with accomplishing more than any of them will for Christ, and loving the Lord more than they can ever imagine!" he concluded.