Court Overturns Speech Punishment Requiring Pastor To Denounce Himself For Criticizing COVID Restrictions

Pastor Artur Pawlowski
Pastor Artur Pawlowski escaped communism in Poland when he was younger, but is now facing the same problem in supposedly free Canada. |

In a major victory for Christians, Canada's Court of Appeal has halted Pastor Artur Pawlowski's penalty.

According to Rebel News, "Pastor Artur, his brother Dawid and Chris won an important battle today."

Alberta's Court of Appeal, according to their report, has overturned Justice Adam Germain's order that Pastor Artur Pawlowski be forced to not speak out his convictions.

The government had already forced Pastor Artur, back in October, to repeat a statement claiming that "the majority of medical experts favour social distancing, mask wearing" and "participation in a vaccination program" anytime he spoke out against any official health directives.

The "unconstitutional, Soviet-style" punishment issued on Pastor Artur Pawlowski, his brother Dawid, and Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott was thrown out by Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf of the Alberta Court of Appeal.

"But it immediately freezes the most abusive parts of it," states the pro-freedom publication. "And that was only possible because of you. You, and other freedom-oriented citizens like you, banded together to crowdfund top lawyers for these three men. Without that, Justice Germain's thuggery would have ruled the day."

Thanking all who were instrumental in stopping the abusive sentence, it's not over yet for the two brothers who are still fighting for their freedom. This case will be heard in front of the full Court of Appeal on June 14, 2022. For the meantime, the ruling's harsh sections will be put on hold.

Sheila Gunn Reid, a reporter for Rebel News, was live-tweeting Thursday's court session, noted Lifesite News. She said Germain had not been requested by Alberta Health Services (AHS) to implement the speech and travel bans on the Pawlowski brothers, and that the court was aware of this.

"[O]h boy. It was just clarified that AHS did not ask for the compelled speech sanction, nor the travel ban. AHS wanted the Pawlowskis/Scott to comply with current health orders as their sanctions. Plus fines and costs. Judge Germain concocted the insane sanctions on his own. WOW," Gunn Reid tweeted

The timeline of their troubles

After two unannounced health inspections of Pawlowski's church in the spring of 2021, the Polish immigrant referred to the police and health inspectors as "Gestapo Nazis."

It was in May, when Pawlowski and his brother were taken into custody for conducting services at their Calgary church during the COVID lockdown.

Before being freed on bond, the Pawlowskis had to spend three nights in prison.

Although they were not in violation of an order issued by Alberta Chief Justice J. Rooke in May, they were nevertheless detained.

In July, AHS sought the court to condemn Pawlowski to 21 days in prison for allegedly "openly" defying COVID regulations.

Attorney John Siddons of the American Health Services (AHS) argued in September that Pawlowski should also be penalized $2,000 and pay $15,000 in legal fees.He also suggested that Dawid spend 10 days in prison.

Given that the COVID restrictions imposed by state authorities violate the Pawlowski brothers' fundamental rights, Rebel News is certain that they will win the whole court trial next June.

Anyone interested in supporting Pastor Pawlowski's cause may visit All contributions to this civil rights fight will be tax deductible through The Democracy Fund, a certified Canadian nonprofit.