Pastor Who Drove ‘Gestapo’ Police Away From Church Gets Arrested As Soon As He Arrives In Canada Following US Tour

Pastor Artur Pawlowski getting arrested
Screengrab of video footage showing Pastor Artur Pawlowski getting arrested again right after he lands in Canadian soil following his four-month tour in the US. |

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, an outspoken critic of dictatorial directives in the name of COVID and public health in Canada, had his trip home -after a four-month tour of the United States- rerouted by authorities.

According to NOQ Report, his loved ones were anxiously anticipating his return. However, he missed seeing them because his plane was diverted and he was arrested upon arrival. He was taken into custody and transported to an undisclosed place without explanation. His family was also not informed of the charges, so they have no idea what wrong he did and where he could be.

Anna Khait of Gathering Bride Ministries tweeted the following:

"BREAKING: Pastor Artur Pawlowski was just arrested as he landed in Canada after a 4-month tour in America. He warned Americans the perils of a Socialist country & the religious persecution leaders are facing. Please keep him in prayer! He faces 6 years for baptizing his daughter."

Conservative Business Journal's John Di Lemme confirmed this.

"My dear friend Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested AGAIN as he arrived back into Canada. A large group of his family and friends were waiting for him to arrive; however, the Canadian police diverted his plane so the cowards could arrest this Man of God out of the view of cameras."

"Pastor Pawlowski's family was locked out of the police remand center and denied information on his arrest," he added.

Fire Brand Action released videos of Pastor Pawlowski's family being shut out.

Dawid Pawlowski, Pastor Artur's brother, was seen confronting the police officers in one of the videos. He accused them of kidnapping his brother and demanded that they reveal his brother's whereabouts. The police officer with whom he was conversing said that Pastor Pawlowski was not there.

Around midnight on September 28th, the same website said that Pastor Pawlowski had been freed from prison.

But prior to Pastor Pawlowski's release, his representative Cindy Chafian detailed the details of his arrest in an interview with John Di Lemme.

She said that after the tour, they arranged for Pastor Pawloski to be flown back to his home in Calgary on a private jet. They took this as a precaution to ensure that Pawlowski would not be harassed at the airport. However, as soon as he got off the plane, the police were there to arrest him.

"They actually diverted his plane to a different runway so that his family and those that had come to see him at the airport, they're about this between 50 and 75 people there waiting for him at the airport, they diverted his plane to a location where the authorities were waiting," she said.

Regardless of where the Pastor is being held, authorities claim that he is not there.

The charges for his recent arrest were also unclear, she said. She added that he was rumored to have been arrested for baptizing his daughter in May.

Chafian noted that whatever the charge is, it could just be trumped up and it's "horrendously tyrannical."

NOQ report's JD Rucker also pointed out that Canada's strict policies regarding COVID-19 are as harsh or even harsher in the United States. While they aren't quite as fascist as Australia, they are moving closer to it, he said.

"We pray that Pastor Pawlowski is safe and is returned to his family soon. The Canadian government will try to make an example of him, so it's very possible he will be detained indefinitely," Rucker said.

Please pray for Pastor Artur Pawlowski's safety and release, as well as for the protection and safety of his family.