'The Garden' Series Launch by Former Nickelodeon Creator Aims to Teach Bible Lessons in a Fun and Engaging Way

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Butch Hartman, famously known as the creator of the cartoon children's series "Fairly Odd Parents" on Nickelodeon, is now about to launch a new animated series focusing on producing Christian-related content.

He and his wife recently released a 40-episode animated television series called "The Garden," coupled with an app and a Bible with images of the show's characters.

Animated Series, 'The Garden' Aims to Help Kids Understand and Know God

The Christian Post reported that the show's content follows the adventures of Lenny the lion and his companion, Lucy, the lamb. The two animals live in a perfect paradise where everything grows beautifully, and they can talk to God every day.

They receive assignments from God, which they refer to as "the boss," which is hard for them to accomplish. Using the Scripture, the two friends learn how to complete their assignment and uses songs to help the young ones that are watching memorize the bible verses that have been taught.

Butch and Julieann Hartman have released six episodes of "The Garden" to be made available to watch on Yippe, Pureflix, and Christian Cinema. According to Butch, they aim to use the show to introduce the Scripture to the children as early as possible. They believe that by making the children see and learn how to talk to God by themselves, they will start a strong relationship between the kids and God.

Julieann has also given a comparison between "The Garden" and "Schoolhouse Rock!" which is an educational film series that aired during the children's program on Saturday mornings, which aided the Gen Xers in memorizing the essential fact about the United States History by making them into a song. Thanks to the songs, children can memorize Bible verses in "The Garden" fun and exciting way. The program aims to have a long-lasting effect on children's spiritual growth by using music to teach Scripture.

Butch worked in the Hollywood for nine years and was converted to Christianity in 2000. According to Christian Headlines, he first had the idea of creating "The Garden" in 2005, but it wasn't until 2015 when he felt it was impressed on his heart by the lord, that he acted on it.

The Garden's authors, Butch, and his wife, think it's crucial for kids to see material like this so they can understand that God is constantly with them. Families should know that God is still with them and actively involved in their lives despite what the world may claim. With Harper-Collins' assistance, The Hartmans recently debuted The Garden Children's Bible at the Museum of the Bible. Also, parents can download The Garden app and listen to the Capital Records soundtrack.

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The Main Characters of the Show

The series has two protagonists, named Lenny, the lion, and Lucy, the lamb. According to Garden Cartoon, Lenny is a happy-go-lucky guy who is always ready to take on the tasks and challenges "the boss" will assign him. Like Peter from the Gospels, he makes rash decisions and frequently finds himself in precarious situations. Lenny is able to learn and is receptive to criticism, though. His two greatest virtues are his devotion to Jesus and his friendship with Lucy.

While Lucy, on the other hand, Lucy is a lovely and smart lamb full of kindness and compassion toward others. She is always ready to provide a hand and take on any duty in front of her. Her two best traits are her love for Lenny and her capacity to lead others to Jesus, even if she still has much to learn about leading by example. Despite having a cheerful disposition, Lucy is a strong-willed adventurer constantly seeking new challenges.

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