Invitation to ‘A Prayer for the Country’ Until the National Assembly General Election

an invitation to ‘A Prayer for the Country’
an invitation to ‘A Prayer for the Country’

Starting Feb. 12th, "A prayer meeting for the country" will be held from 7-9 a.m. every Wednesday until April 15, the General Election day in South Korea.

The invitees, Rev. Hong Jeong-gil and Rev. Lee Dong-won said in the prayer meeting on Monday, "Korean society is confused. The church has failed to live up to the word of the gospel."

He added that the scene of life is becoming grim due to various social conflicts.

In addition, they worried that this year's April 15th National Assembly General Election will worsen this situation.

"The prayers of the pastors, who serve Christ's body, and are carrying social responsibilities, are urgently needed," he said.

"We hold ten prayer meetings every Wednesday morning with the theme of 'Word and Life,'" he said.

In particular, the purpose of the prayer meeting was explained in five ways:

  • We serve the prayer meeting for our country with the Bible, the only and consummated revelation of God, and the belief in God's sovereign obedience based on it.
  • We deeply repent for the Korean Church's failure to establish a healthy social and ethical culture in our country by disobeying the gospel of Jesus Christ and lashing with secularism.
  • We hope that in the current conflict, the church and the Christ will fill their hearts with faith, hope and love, instead of betraying them to hatred and hatred by craft boats and words and prayers.
  • We believe that conservatism and liberal within the Church of Korea should become one within the eternal words of truth and lead the nation's history and social flow according to the will of the Lord.
  • We pray for the Church, the body of Christ, as well as the general elections on April 15.

Rev. Jung Ju-chae, one of the invitees, said it could be called a prayer meeting for the city. Pastor Jung recently criticized the current Moon Jae-in regime for saying that he is "evil and false.".

Rev. Ji Hyung-un, however, said in an interview on Thursday, "I'm not specifically critical of anything.

"I don't think it's desirable to side with either side in the name of a church," he said. "The purpose of the meeting is the same as the content of the invitation letter. It is a natural gathering that began with the belief that God heard our prayers."