Kirk Cameron Talks About ‘Genuine Faith’ As His American Campfire Revival Nears 100 Days

Actor Kirk Cameron

As Kirk Cameron's "American Campfire Revival" is nearing the end of its 100-day program, the actor continues to share about God's truth.

Cameron launched the initiative in January to pray for America's restoration following the government's rollout of its plans for Biden's first 100 days in office.

In the 91st day of the spiritual campaign, Cameron tackled about the Bible's definition of faith, CBN News wrote.

"We can go to the Bible and find out what the Bible says about faith. It's not something that you or I can muster up. It's not a simple intellectual's a gift given by God and it's a kind of faith of believing and trusting. It's the kind of faith that Abraham had. God told him that even though he was old, he would have many many children. Abraham believed God and that transformed his life and set the world on a whole new course," he said.

He continued by explaining about genuine faith. He stated that true faith means trusting in God's promises even in the midst of an impossible situation. Obedience, he said, also shows true faith, citing Moses who obeyed God when he was told to go to the mountain to meet Him, even though meeting "the Holy God who is a consuming fire" is "a scary thing."

He pointed out that no one was allowed to touch the mountain but God commanded Moses to meet Him to take the copy of The Ten Commandments. Moses obeyed God and trusted His promises.

He also said that having true faith means being humble.

"True faith is also a humble faith. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. The Bible says we are saved by faith, not by's the gift of God so that nobody can boast," Cameron stated.

He further said that if people would want God to bless the nation as He promised he would do to those who honor Him, they need to have faith in God.

Citing Hebrews 11, Cameron illustrated characters in the Bible who showed their faith through obedience, including Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah and Rahab.

 Moreover, he said that faith is about having the confidence in God's promises, not by sight but by trusting in God's Word. He stated that he is praying for the country to regain its faith in God, adding that "genuine faith" can only be given by the Lord.

He called for people to ask God for faith and that He would open their eyes for them to see God's power to change them.

"Ask Him to give you the faith that will believe His promises and obey His commands even when it seems like there's no hope and you're working against all odds. He gives grace to the humble and He pulls down the proud," he said, concluding his discussion.

Cameron then prayed for the people who joined him online, asking God for faith.

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