Mainstream Media Silent On Darrell Brooks Because He's Black And His Victims Were White, Report Says

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Mainstream media networks are curiously silent on Darrell Brooks, the driver of the SUV that killed several people during a recent event, because of his skin color as well as that of his victims', a report says.

NewsBusters reported that if Brooks was White and his victims were a crowd of Black people, the mainstream "media would still be talking about Waukesha." The report is referring to Wisconsin's Waukesha Christmas Parade that turned tragic this year as Brooks intentionally drove his Ford Escape SUV straight into the crowd on Nov. 21.

Brooks injured 48 people and killed five as his SUV plowed through two groups of dancers, as well as, bystanders that included children and elderly.

Mainstream media networks CNN and MSNBC have rarely given attention to the tragic incident despite its news worthiness and gravity, NewsBusters noted. The media outlet cited the few occasions the incident was actually reported in the days that followed Nov. 21.

"The name Darrell Brooks hasn't been uttered a single time on CNN since last Thursday, November 25. Today marked the first time anyone on MSNBC mentioned Brooks by name since last Wednesday, November 24. The scant coverage came in the form of a hasty (34 seconds) news brief that ran once each on the network's two morning programs, Way Too Early with Jonathan Lemire and Morning Joe," NewsBusters said.

The scarce coverage comes even after the fact that Brooks has a long history of crimes done out of his being a racist. Mainstream media outlets CNN and MSNBC refuse to give more coverage to Brooks since they are focused on White supremacy.

"How about the fact that Brooks is a felon who has reportedly expressed hatred for white and Jewish people? Or the fact that witnesses report he appeared to be swerving his vehicle so that he would hit as many pedestrians as possible? Nope, those facts apparently aren't important enough to make it onto CNN or MSNBC. Nobody on either network has breathed a word about any of that," NewsBusters raised.

"Why? You know why--everybody knows why. It's because the media are peddling a nasty portrait of America in which countless violent white supremacists and racist police officers run rampant, carrying out calculated attacks on people of color with alarming frequency," they explained.

NewsBusters cited CNN reporting the attack being "perpetrated by 'a car'" reflecting their disinterest on the case by "deliberately skimping on the details," which reflects a "simplistic narrative" being given by a network that "hates white people." The media outlet then challenged anyone from CNN and MSNBC to explain their minimal coverage on such a big news item.

NewsBusters said the networks are "framing" the incident as a mere "freak accident." They called reporters from the said media networks as "sniveling" and "hatred-peddling Democrat loyalist," specifically naming CNN's Brian Stelter and MSNBC's Joy Reid.

"This simplistic narrative has no room for any person of color who hates white people. Those people, even if they did exist, somehow couldn't be racist," NewsBusters emphasized.

"Until they offer a convincing alternative, it's hard not to conclude that they and their colleagues are intentionally forcing this story down the memory hole because (1) Brooks is black, and (2) his victims are predominantly white," they concluded.

Brooks was charged with multiple counts of intentional homicide excluding other charges for disrupting the parade, reckless injury, and attempted homicide packed with a $15 million bail. His criminal record includes sex offenses, felonies, multiple accounts of misdemeanors, and running over the mother of his child in Milwaukee with his vehicle.