Man Who Memorized 20 Books Of The Bible Will Teach How To Memorize Scripture At The Creation Museum


"The Bible Memory Man" who had memorized 20 books of the Bible volunteered himself to teach his methods of scripture memorization at Biblical ministry, Creation Musem.

Shasta Bible College Professor Tom Meyer told The Christian Post in his interview that he would be sharing his God-given talent with the visitors of the Kentucky-based museum at the beginning of June through classes and workshops.

Meyer shared that after praying to God about where he would lead his family next, the opportunity to volunteer full-time at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter opened. He announced that he brought his family of six to Kentucky and would still continue to teach at Shasta Bible College online.

People visiting the museums would have the chance to learn from Meyer how to memorize Scriptures and the advantages of practicing this old discipline. He would also be imparting his knowledge about memorization he learned from the Holy Land and inspiring people to keep themselves from the Words of God. Catch also his dramatic recitation from memory of the great story of Noah according to the book of Genesis.

The professor hoped that his God-given ability would bring back the glory to Him and impact the people who would visit the world's leading biblical creation ministry. He believed that this big platform would give him the chance to share with more people the importance of memorizing the Scriptures.

Meyer's Memorization Techniques

In his interview with Bible Memory Goal, Meyer shared his methods in scripture memorization. He said that he spent an hour a day retaining verses he memorized and not learning new ones. He had three-part techniques which include Speaking the Word, Hearing the Word, and Writing the Word.

The first part was to process the scripture verbally. He encouraged people to recite the Words in a place where people can be comfortable out loud. In this process, the professor said that it would generate multiple senses at once.

Much of the Bible was passed down orally through the generations in the past, which means that most people listened rather than read the Bible. He encouraged people to speak the Words of God to people and to listen to them for better remembering.

Lastly, he encouraged people to write down the Words while speaking loudly. Using Tactile learning, people would be involving a third part of their senses to help them remember better. Meyer encouraged people to keep a journal of Scriptures that they learned for a day to enhance their memory.

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Benefits Of Memorizing Scriptures

Meyer shared with Bible Gateway that he was encouraged to memorize the Scriptures because he wanted to know God better. He said, "By having it in my heart and not just on my shelf or my phone, the Word of God like David said is 'before me' or always on my mind." He shared that his obedience to God improved and his relationships with family and friends became better through hiding God's Word in his heart.

More often, he said he was convicted not to sin because he knew the Words of God by heart. So, he encouraged people to start even memorizing short verses and apply them in their lives.

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