The three-Year-Old Son of Christian violinist Rosemary Siemens amazed many people with his sharp memory, reciting 26 bible verses in alphabetical order.

In her Facebook post, Siemens narrated that she used to read his son, Theodore Parker Bennett, the scriptures every night. She was stunned when she learned that her son was able to repeat them back.

On Facebook, the video of little Bennett in his tuxedo reciting his memory verses garnered 21,000 views, and on YouTube more than 7,000 views.

The mother wanted to impart these verses to her son for the rest of his life and also hoped to share the blessing of joy that the boy brought to their family. "Now that you can understand him a little bit better, I wanted to share them with all of you!" Siemens wrote.

In the same video, Siemens included some bloopers of her son reciting his memory verse and laughing contagiously. Many viewers were glad and thanked Siemens for teaching his son memory verses in a fun way.

One commenter wrote, "Great job, young man! Thanks, parents for investing time with your son teaching him the word of God, and having fun." Another person said the Lord must be praised for every child being brought up in the ways of the Lord, urging people to pray for the family always. One agreed with him, saying a child must learn the Bible at a young age.

One also wrote that she's happy to watch Bennett, she's also praying for the child to grow in the wisdom of the Lord. Others were inspired to memorize Bible verses too, one person wrote, "Now I need to get busy and memorize these too."

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Teaching Her Son Hymns For The Lord

Both of Bennett's parents were in the music industry, that's why aside from memorizing some of the Bible verses, the three-year-old was also gifted in music. Recently, Siemens uploaded a video of her son's first-ever concert.

In his sparkling little tuxedo, the "gifted" child went up to the stage with his dad, a Canadian saxophonist. The crowd gave him applause to cheer him up on the stage. He replied, "I'm going to sing a song for you today!"

Accompanied by his dad, little Bennett sang a part of his mom's album, "Sunday Hymn Serenade" while his mom played the piano.

Many of Siemens's followers were melted by his adorable solo performance. One said, "It melted my heart, Theodore has been blessed with two beautiful parents that are consecrated to the Lord as well as his mama grandparents, God is solo good!" The other one praised the Lord for the God-centered family.

According to Burnaby Now, Siemens performed on 175 shows in 100 cities while she was pregnant with his son without anyone knowing. "I had to dress completely differently," she said laughing. She even performed one week before giving birth to him.

Little Bennett, just like his mother, Siemens first picked up a violin when she was also three-year-old and grew up singing hymns with her family.

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