China’s Xi Threatened By Massive Growth Of Christianity: Open Doors

Xi Jinping

The current president of China, Xi Jinping, is threatened by the rapid rise of the Christian Community in China and may be coerced to "share" his power with it if it continues to grow bigger.

Dr. Ron Boyd-MacMillan, the director of Strategic Research at the Christian charity, Open Doors, claimed that the Prime Minister (Premier) of China is becoming extremely distressed by the growth of the Christian Church in their country with a current population of around 97 million people, according to the Express.

Xi Jinping is known to impose severe measures against faith for a long time now and has increased the number of surveillances during the Coronavirus outbreak. Despite his strict measures, Christianity still flourished in the country.

Dr. Boyd-MacMillan spoke to Express U.K. and claimed that the size of the Christian Church in China is rapidly growing and is bound to reach around 300 million people by the year 2030. With this amount of people, they will be able to challenge Xi's government.

"We think the evidence as to why the Chinese Church is so targeted, is that the leaders are scared of the size of the Church, and the growth of the Church.

"And if it grows, at the rate that it has done, since 1980 and that's about between seven and 8 percent a year, then you're looking at a group of people that will be 300 million strong, nearly by 2030.

"And, you know, the Chinese leadership, they really do long term planning, I mean, their economic plan goes to 2049, so this bothers them.

"Because I think if the Church continues to grow like that, then they'll have to share power." Dr. Boyd MacMillan said.

The Chinese Communist Party established a policy of "Chinafication" so that they can merge the church into China's cultural identity.

The Chinafication campaign has not only targeted Islam, Protestantism, and Christianity but also other religions with its diverse and varied strands of religious Daoism and indigenous Buddhism.

It is also believed that over a million Uighur Muslims have been sent to re-education camps in the state by Xi Jinping's governance.

The Communist Party was able to increase their surveillance campaign in the state with citizens handing over their personal information due to the COVID outbreak.

The Chinese government is also accused by the U.S. and U.K. for violating human rights. Separate reports from the U.S. and U.K. both say that China is engaging in genocide against Uighurs.

Dominic Raab, U.K. Foreign Secretary, expressed his concern over the new legislation of Hong Kong which was followed by China's issuance of a mass arrest for activists and politicians in Hong Kong.

"The mass arrest of politicians and activists in Hong Kong is a grievous attack on Hong Kong's rights and freedoms as protected under the joint declaration.

These arrests demonstrate that the Hong Kong and Chinese authorities deliberately misled the world about the true purpose of the national security law, which is being used to crush dissent and opposing political views.

The U.K. will not turn our backs on the people of Hong Kong and will continue to offer British nationals overseas citizens the right to live and work in the U.K.." Raab stated.