Pope Francis Speaks Out for Imprisoned Bishop in Nicaragua: A Cry for Justice and Freedom

Pope Francis

Pope Francis expressed his deep worry about the ongoing situation of Bishop Rolando Alvarez, who was unjustly given a 26-year jail term in Nicaragua. The Pope spoke of the bishop's imprisonment on Sunday, highlighting the need for fairness and justice in the Latin American country.

The Pope's remarks reflect the widespread concern among the international community about human rights violations in Nicaragua and the need for the government to respect the rule of law. The Pope's advocacy for Bishop Alvarez and his call for his release remind him of the importance of religious freedom and the role that faith leaders play in promoting peace and justice in the world.

Nicaraguan Bishop to Be Deported But Refuses and Got Detained, Pope Francis Worried

According to Manila Times, a court in Nicaragua put Catholic bishop Rolando Alvarez in jail for 26 years. This happened because he refused to go to the United States on a plane that was carrying 222 political prisoners.

The court also took away the bishop's citizenship in Nicaragua and fined him $1,600. The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, spoke on TV, called the bishop's actions "absurd" and accused him of "terrorism." Bishop Alvarez was born in Nicaragua but was educated in Spain and the Vatican. He was arrested last August and charged with spreading false information and being part of a conspiracy.

Pope Francis is upset about Bishop Rolando Alvarez going to jail for 26 years. In an article in ABC News, bishop Alvarez was critical of the government in Nicaragua, and this latest move against him is part of a pattern of going after the Catholic Church and opponents of the government.

Pope Francis spoke about his sadness at a gathering in St. Peter's Square on Sunday and asked people to pray for the leaders to have a change of heart. Bishop Alvarez refused to take a plane to the United States with other prisoners who were also against President Daniel Ortega. The bishop was not only sentenced to jail but also had his citizenship taken away from him.

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Supporters of the President Daniel Ortega Marched to Support Expelling of the Prisoners

The Nicaraguan government has been cracking down on its opposition and the Catholic Church. Despite this, the Church has remained quiet in order to avoid escalating the situation. However, this has not stopped the public from feeling angry and frustrated.

According to AP News, over the weekend, thousands of supporters of President Daniel Ortega marched in the capital to show their support for expelling opposition prisoners. Still, many believe that these supporters were forced to attend by the government.

Despite the Church's silence, people in the heavily Roman Catholic country were clearly upset by the recent events, including the long sentence for Bishop Rolando álvarez and the stripping of critics' citizenship. People spoke out against these actions, saying they could take away nationality, but they could not take away the blood of Nicaraguans.

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