Senator Suggests 25th Amendment To Oust Biden As 15K Americans Still Trapped In Afghanistan

Sen. Rick Scott

A Senator from Florida suggested the use of the 25th Amendment to oust President Joe Biden as 15,000 Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan in the face of the Taliban takeover.

Senator Rick Scott raised in Twitter on Monday the use of the 25th Amendment to discharge Biden from office after the president announced that the United States forces will be pulled out from Afghanistan, resulting in the current crisis involving the Taliban.

"After the disastrous events in Afghanistan, we must confront a serious question: Is Joe Biden capable of discharging the duties of his office or has time come to exercise the provisions of the 25th Amendment?" Scott said.

Scott's tweet highlighted a post he made three days earlier where he gave focus on the rising inflation, the $45 trillion U.S. debt, Taliban conquering Kabul, and the border crisis hitting a "20 year high" due to the "Democrats control" of The White House and Congress.

Scott, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, urged Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to conduct an investigation on "Biden's failed withdrawal."

He said the investigation should come out with "detailed explanations" complete with data on the reason for the early withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Accordingly, Biden gave September 11 as the date for it early this year. He also wants information on the advice Biden received from military leaders on the matte, and if there were proactive preparations made for a successful withdrawal, among others.

"As the United States faces its most stunning, unforced and humiliating defeat in decades, President Biden's abject failure to execute a strategic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan has placed it back in the hands of the same terrorist-coddling extremists who ruled it on September 11, 2001 and created a power vacuum ripe for manipulation by the world's most dangerous actors," Scott said.

"Joe Biden's carelessness has made the world a more dangerous place. His failures have endangered America and our allies. Today, I'm calling for Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi to immediately launch a bipartisan and bicameral investigation into the Biden administration's failed withdrawal of American forces," he added.

"They must put partisan politics aside and demand accountability from the Biden administration. This failure is unacceptable, especially following 20 years of war that has taken the lives of more than 2,300 American service members and wounded more than 20,000. The American people deserve answers," he stressed.

Scott pointed out that the aim of the investigation is to arrive at the "full accountability on what went wrong with the withdrawal" of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. He stressed that Biden has gone "missing" after announcing the withdrawal, showing "Zero accountability" for it.

"As thousands of Americans & tens of thousands of our Afghan allies fear for their lives in Afghanistan, the President of the United States has been missing. He has shown ZERO accountability to the American people. Where is Joe Biden?" Scott tweeted on Wednesday.

CBN News reported that Americans in Afghanistan's Kabul are basically "on their own" to get to the airport based on an interview with U.S Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The airport is controlled by the U.S. but the roads getting there are blocked and controlled by the Taliban.

There are approximately 15,000 Americans trapped behind the Taliban blockade. Austin revealed they will do everything they can to help Americans get to the airfield and evacuated at the soonest possible time based on their own capacity.

"We are going to do everything we can to continue to try to de-conflict and create passageways for them to get to the airfield. I don't have the capability to go out and extend operations currently into Kabul. We're gonna get everyone that we can possibly evacuate evacuated, and I'll do that as long as we possibly can until the clock runs out or we run out of capability," Austin said.