Tennessee Christian School Building Second Campus To Cater To Students Leaving Public Schools

Tennessee Christian School to Build A Second Campus

Christian schools across America are expanding, including one in Tennessee that is set to quadruple its current capacity.

Tennessee's Clarksville Christian School (CCS) is poised to build its second campus to expand its current capacity of 500 pre-K to 12th grade students to over 2,000. The Christian school's new campus will sit on more than 100 acres of land that will be part of a new Killebrew mixed-use development along Rossview Road. The area will feature commercial, residential, and parks and recreational spaces.

"We truly believe that the mission and the purpose of Christian education fills a need and is greatly sought after," CCS President Brad Moser told The Christian Chronicle.

CCS traces its roots back to 2007, when it was founded as a ministry of Hilldale with less than 50 K-6 students in its Sunday school program. It was the result of a two-year study, which included community surveys and area congregations. The program grew so much that by 2010, it needed its own building. The school's current campus is located adjacent to the Hilldale Church of Christ, where classrooms are also being used. While CCS functions independently of Hilldale, it does receive financial and spiritual support from it and other nearby affiliated churches.

Tennessee Christian School Expands in Response to Demand and God's Calling

The Clarksville Christian School saw over 450 students enrolling this year, thus reaching its space capacity. But instead of closing its doors, they decided to build a second campus with the help of one of its board members, Ronnie Moore, a local developer who owns Rossview Farms and who had purchased a large plot of farmland in Montgomery. Initially planning a residential area, Moore eventually realized that they could turn the space into "something very special."

Moser explained that the new town that will be the home of Clarksville Christian School's second campus will also be home to a new public town center, restaurants, shops and amenities, all of which will be "intricately woven with education." The Christian school is also looking to expand its arts and athletic programs, as well as offer undergraduate and graduate degrees on-site through a partnership with collages all over the U.S.

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CCS board member and pulpit minister Steve Kirby felt humbled by the Christian school's expansion, crediting God's work in the ministry through His people who have also put in the work to open doors to more students. He cited the school's mission to glorify God "every respect academically, socially and morally, according to the teachings of the Bible."

More Christian Schools Opening Up as Public Schools See an Exodus of Students

Another Christian school has just celebrated its expansion this week. According to the Williamson Herald, the Franklin Christian Academy (FCA), also in Tennessee, held a ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate its new 30,000 square feet building. The new building features 10 classrooms, common areas, learning alcoves, and a new upper-level parking lot, as well as a soccer field.

Christian schools are seeing an increase in demand for faith-based education as a result of public schools being continually plagued with controversy. CBN News reported that the Association of Christian Schools International has also recorded double-digit growth since the COVID pandemic began in 2020.

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