Texas Border Crisis Escalates Beyond The Rio Grande Valley And South Texas Communities: Gov. Abbott

Haitians camped under the bridge at Del Rio, Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed in a series of posts in Twitter over the weekend that the border crisis has escalated beyond the Rio Grand Valley and South Texas Communities and the actions his government is undertaking to address it.

"The border crisis goes beyond the RGV & our South Texas communities-the smuggling of drugs, people, & weapons reaches far & wide throughout our state," Abbott declared on Saturday.

"Texas just added nearly $2B to secure our border," he stressed. "These funds will help Texas continue to do Biden's job & secure our border."

A matter Tennesee Senator Marsha Blackburn underscored through a post in Twitter on Sunday that a 318% increase in "illegal attempts to cross the southern border" was recorded compared to the August 2020 data.

On the other hand, Abbott's statement was followed by an announcement that he has directed the Department of Public Safety to work with the National Guard in protecting the Del Rio area of the border.

"The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area. They have built a barricade with their squad cars and State Troopers. The National Guard is working with them to secure the border," Abbott disclosed.

Accordingly, thousands of migrants from Haiti have crossed from Mexico and flocked under the Texas bridge near the Del Rio border on Friday. A video of the appalling situation was posted by Human Events Co-Publisher Will Chamberlin who pointed out that "no normal, functioning country would tolerate this crap."

The video showed ten thousand illegal immigrants encamped underneath the long stretch of the Texas bridge. The Haitians made makeshift tents of wooden sticks and covered with blankets that housed their families. The video also showed numerous children visible throughout the vicinity.

One America News Network stressed that President Joe Biden is "silent" and "there is complete radio silence from the White House" in the face of the escalating border crisis. While Bloomberg said the authorities, especially the United States Customs and Border Protection, had to close the traffic and the border crossing at Ciudad Acuna, Mexico in response to the "urgent safety and security needs" brought by the incident.

The said border was crossed mostly by Haitians who braced going through knee-deep water from Mexico while carrying children on their shoulders and other supplies to reach the American soil. The Haitians would return to Mexico to buy their food and other needs after setting up their tents under the Texas bridge. Some of the Haitians have camped there for almost a week already and trash have already piled up. While some were spotted by Mexican immigration authorities trying to board buses some 120 miles of the southern border of Texas and had to get walk to cross it.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called the situation a "manmade disaster" that came as "a direct result of Joe Biden's political decisions." Cruz personally visited the bridge at the Del Rio area and checked for himself the situation. He condemned the Biden Administration in an interview with Fox News on the matter for not acting on the crisis and for halting deportations of Haitians last week.

"Today, it's September 16, eight days later, and 700 people has grown to 10,500 because the word has gone out if you're from Haiti, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said, 'We have open borders, come to Del Rio, and they will let you in. It's a political decision that Joe Biden could end tonight by simply following the law and saying we're going to send people back to Haiti, which is what federal immigration law requires," Cruz stressed.

In the face of the media attention and added pressure on the border crisis, the Biden Administration have announced plans to expel the Haitians back to their country.

"The Biden Admin. says it will begin wide scale expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas border city by putting them on on flights to Haiti starting Sunday. Texas National Guard & Dept. of Public Safety will remain vigilant in guarding area," Abbott revealed.

A Biden official have informed The Associated Press that the government intends to undertake at least eight flights a day from San Antonio, Texas-being the nearest possible location--to Haiti for the said plan, though details are said to be unclear at this point in time. Another official also disclosed that the migrants would be given COVID-19 testing.

Prior to the situation blowing up, Abbott has reported on Thursday that they are in the process of constructing the border wall. He made public the agreement they have contracted with companies "to oversee construction of the border wall. He also informed the public that he will be signing another law to add $3 billion to their border security fund. He stressed that it's their way of "trying to fix Biden's failure."