Ukrainian Praises God While Recounting Plight For Safety From Russian Invasion

Samaritan's Purse Transported Displaced Ukrainians from Poland to Canada Amidst Russian Invasion

Among the millions of Ukrainians seeking shelter in Poland, a young woman recounted recently in an interview how God brought her and her mother to safety.

A Ukrainian's Plight For Safety

A Ukrainian woman named Ania told CBN News that she felt like someone was attacking her heart upon hearing the sound of explosions the day the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Ania admitted not knowing what it was except that she was already in a panic.

She said her friend texted her about the invasion but she did not believe it until hearing the sound of rockets. She admitted fearing a bomb would destroy their home and kill her and the rest of her family. She called the experience "horrible," especially with the string of events that happened after it.

Ania said she, her mother, and her sister had to flee from Ukraine without her father, who had to stay behind to fight the Russian military. They went to Poland but did not know where to go there.

"I prayed to Jesus and God the creator for our safety. I knew that He would rescue our family," Ania said.

True enough, God heard her plea through a refugee home supported by Orphan's Promise and Operation Blessing. The two organizations have already sheltered numerous Ukrainian families, as well as, recover from the trauma through love and support.

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Ania said she is very grateful to God for answering her prayer since they arrived in Poland unharmed. She shared that all her fear and panic disappeared the moment they reached Polish soil.

"I'm so grateful for the people of God who have helped us. Praise God we are safe, and we have food and other things that we need here. I would like to thank all the donors and volunteers who have come forward to help and support us," Ania stressed.

Ukrainians In Exodus

The United Nations announced on June 9 that there are more than seven million Ukrainians who fled their country since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his unprovoked invasion on February 24. A big bulk or 50% of these Ukrainians fled to nearby Poland, which willingly welcomed them in. Refugees also took shelter in other European countries such as Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, and the Russian Federation.

Some, such as in south Poland's town of Zakopane, occupy three four-floor guest houses owned by the family of lawyer Weronika Lukaszayk. Lukaszayk said they ceased offering the guest houses for the holidays and offered it to a total of 52 Ukrainian families when they started coming into Poland last March. Each family has learned to adjust the last two months in a room they are assigned temporarily to while children continue to go to a local school.

On the other hand, several refugees were given far more space and luxury like a group of eleven flown in from Poland to Ireland by couple Barry and Lola Haughian and housed in their 15th Century Castle named the Ballindooley Castle.

While others have begun a totally new chapter in their lives such as a planeload of Ukrainian refugees from Poland brought to Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador province on Tuesday. A few, however, reportedly have resorted to living on the streets as their sponsors have asked them to leave due to misunderstandings in the commitment of housing them.

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