Weaponizing God's Word: LGBTQ+ Ally and Researcher Probes on Biblical Mistranslations

Weaponizing God's Word: LGBTQ+ Ally and Researcher Probes on Biblical mistranslations

For decades, the Bible has been used as a "sacred weapon" to oppress the LGBTQ+ community. In an opinion article by Amber Cantorna, it was stated that people have the wrong impression of the word "homosexuality" in the Bible.

In a 1946 edition of the Revised Standard Version, the words "malakoi" and "arsenokoitai" were combined into the word "homosexuality." Not only has this caused a mistranslation in the copies of the Bible, it has also shaped a culture of hate and discrimination towards the LGBTQ+. 

Kathy Baldock, an expert researcher and an LGBTQ+ ally, has done extensive research on the issue for four years. The data she uncovered will be published in her upcoming book, "Forging a Sacred Weapon." 

The book's release in early 2023 will be accompanied by the documentary "1946," which investigates the truth of the minstranslation and how the misuse of a single word has affected the flow of modern history. 

Hoping for Change 

Cantorna hopes that by informing people about the mistranslation, the negative narrative and harm towards the LGBTQ+ will end. She stated that countless LGBTQ+ people have walked away from Christianity. Their reasons for doing so often fall to accusations that "they know what they are doing is wrong."

However, the reality is that it is because of the hate towards them being masqueraded as love and intolerance being disguised as acceptance. 

Internalized homophobia has grown to be deeply rooted. In turn, LGBTQ+ members are faced with shame and self-hatred, which often leads to self-harm and the decision to end their life. 

According to Cantorna, it is time to end the systems that cause people's lives to hang in the balance. 

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Pride Movement 

LGBTQ+ people and allies are each doing their research to debunk the toxic allegations against them and are pushing for their inclusion in churches.

In previous years, LGBTQ+ Christians were not only outcasts in their own church, they were also isolated from one another. However, with the help of social media, they are finding ways to interact with each other. They are uniting to start a reformation and reclamation that they belong in God's family.

Recently, a fellowship of queer worship leaders from all over the country was held. These leaders were cast out of their churches and have been left dormant for years. 

Now, they are being revitalized. They are reclaiming worship, building a community, bringing in inclusivity, and forming a new approach to faith that celebrates diversity. 

Cantorna stated that God's love is not one-dimensional nor stagnant. Rather, she asserted that it is multi-faceted, diverse, alive, and something to be celebrated. She furthered that the LGBTQ+ community illustrates God's love and serves as a reminder for people to expand their thinking and understanding of the divine. 

Moreover, Cantorna stated that the reality is that LGBTQ+ people exist at church, whether one chooses to acknowledge their presence or not. She added that the day when queer people will finally be embraced as a part of the body of Christ is the starting day of reconciliation between the church and the queer community.

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