What China Is Working On Will Bring The World Closer To The End Times, Commentary Says

cashless transaction using NFC technology

An article from CBN News indicates that China is working on something that will bring the world closer to what the Bible described as the End Times.

CBN News CEO Gordon Robertson says that China's adoption of the digital currency launched by the Chinese Communist Party has far-reaching consequences for the rest of the world and lays the groundwork for the fulfillment of End Times prophecies.

The Chinese communist government, as part of a series of trials throughout China, has reportedly given over $6 million in digital money to its citizens. In the first phase, which started in Beijing, residents were urged to use official bank apps to test digital payments. The report also states that China intends to make a huge digital currency launch during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

However, as China prepares to transition to a cashless society in the near future, concerns have been expressed about the significant economic danger that it would pose to the United States and the rest of the world.

It will be mandatory for the U.S. and other foreign companies doing business with and in China to adopt the Chinese government's new digital currency payment system once the phases have been deployed in their totality. Because users would be providing their personal information to the CCP, security and privacy issues were also a concern.

Robertson said that by replacing Chinese paper money with digital currency, the Communist Party will be able to exercise complete control over how Chinese people spend their money, opening the door to new levels of government control.

In his commentary, he alluded to a chapter in the Bible about a government that forbids individuals from buying or selling unless they have a special mark. He explained that China's move toward a cashless society is the kind of political control that the whole world is being prepared for.

"Just imagine a government that if you step out of line, they can now turn off all your money and do it instantly so you cannot buy or sell, you don't have the right in the marketplace to participate anymore. That's what digital currency allows a government to do. And if you think it's just going to happen in China, think again," he said.

He claimed the Federal Reserve already has a research committee looking into the United States' digital currency. They do so because they are concerned that China will replace the United States and become the world's reserve currency, and that digital money would eventually take over.

"So you see all the action happening in the stock markets, the various markets for Bitcoin and other digital currencies, their rapid rise and people becoming overnight millionaires, billionaires based on the value of these digital currencies, and so the Federal Reserve wants to get in on that action to protect the U.S. Dollar as the world currency," he said.

Robertson also claims that China is just waiting for the U.S. "reserve currency" to expire sometime. Afterwards, they would stride with digital money on the global scene.

Of course, the United States would not want this to happen, since it has been the world's main reserve currency for years. China's currency is now ranked eighth.

China is reportedly attempting to persuade other nations, such as Burma, Iran, and North Korea, to do commerce in Chinese cryptocurrencies.

China, according to U.S. Congressman Mike Waltz, is much too willing to share the technology with other "rogue regimes" seeking to bolster their own monitoring powers over their people.

"So that those other countries in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere can dominate their people in line with the Chinese version of government, but that data then comes back to Beijing so that they were literally through facial recognition, be able to monitor the globe," he said.

Robertson reacted to this possibility, saying, "Unfortunately, at the end of that, you and I will now be subject to a government that may not agree with your opinions, may not agree with your religion, may not agree with the people you hang out with, and they would absolutely restrict your access to that digital currency in an effort to control you."

It's worth noting that China's social credit scoring system of control has made its way to track Chinese people overseas. Earlier reports reveal the CCP is covertly conducting surveillance and tracking movement of people in Canada using over 60 surveillance cameras in the Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia.