Women With Unplanned Pregnancies Find Support In New Pro-Life Project: 'We Are Standing With Them'

"No Woman Stands Alone" National Press Conference

The "No Woman Stands Alone" National Press Conference was held on Monday at The Heritage Foundation in celebration of Valentine's Day as a testament to women that they have nothing to "fear" when a "post-Roe America" becomes a reality.

The Christian Post reported that Students for Life of America (SFLA), the country's largest pro-life youth organization, co-hosted the conference with Heritage Action. The conference unveiled the website "StandingWithYou.org," which is a compilation of free resources sourced nationwide and designed as a "non-violent abortion alternatives."

The conference also featured pro-life leaders who shared their commitment to help pregnant women in crisis.

"On Valentine's Day, we want women to know that they and their children--born and preborn--are loved," SFLA President Kristan Hawkins said in a press release on the event.

"A predatory abortion industry making billions through ending young lives tells women that they are alone in the world and incapable of succeeding at home and at work. They sell women short, and then they sell them an abortion, creating real fear in women," Hawkins continued. "We want women to know that we are already working to help them, and that no woman needs to stand alone."

StandingWithYou.Org has been existing for a decade and is regarded as "a powerful resource" for women on childcare, food assistance, healthcare, housing, pregnancy information, parenting rights, among others. The database ensures that "no woman in an unplanned pregnancy stands alone and is instead connected to the life-giving, non-violent alternatives to abortion available in her area."

The conference was livestreamed via SFLA's Facebook Page. During the conference, Hawkins revealed that they relaunched StandingWithYou.org in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court's pending decision for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case, which is expected to result in overturning Roe v. Wade.

Hawkins shared an incident when one of the people their organization helped, a certain Jessica, approached their booth in the campus revealing how much she regretted having an abortion.

Later on, Jessica discovered she was pregnant again but this time, she pushed through with her pregnancy, having the support of a community and the information from the database. She has graduated college, received her Masters Degree, and has given birth to her child.

Hawkins also highlighted a research they conducted that prompted them to relaunch StandingWithYou.org. The research revealed that a majority of Americans are not aware that there are non-violent alternatives to abortion.

"According to our latest research on pro-life advancement, majority--we as Americans--need to provide more to help and support to women in crisis," Hawkins revealed.

SFLA "knocked on 95,000 doors in the last 11 months" and found that "72% of those doors that have been knocked" for "conversations" on "non-violent alternatives" to abortion," do not even know non-violent alternatives exist in their community. This is despite the fact that resources "exist within walking distance from their very homes."

"This must change. This has to change. I believe this is the biggest challenge we face in the pro-life movement right now...We have to solve this problem," Hawkins underscored.

Besides Hawkins, there were several leaders of other pro-life organizations present in the conference. These are Concerned Women for America President and CEO Penny Nance, Heartbeat International Communications & Marketing Vice President Andrea Trudden, and Heritage Action for America Director of Grassroots Janae Stracke.

Clients of Standing With You also gave their testimonies and presented their children.