LifeWay Christian Resources has owned, maintained, and run the North Carolina Ridgecrest Conference Center and Summer Camps for over 100 years, but now looks to pass it on to a new "steward."

LifeWay has made arrangements with the Ridgecrest Foundation, a newly created non-profit ministry, to sell the conference center and its summer camps: Camp Ridgecrest for Boys and Camp Crestridge for Girls. "We feel honored and blessed to continue Ridgecrest's God-glorifying legacy from LifeWay and to be faithful stewards of the impactful ministries of Ridgecrest Conference Center, Camp Crestridge for Girls, and Camp Ridgecrest for Boys into the future," said Robin Thompson Parish, a representative of the Ridgecrest Foundation. 

The executive director of Ridgecrest, and soon to be president and CEO of the Ridgecrest Foundation, Art Snead added, "God has used Ridgecrest to impact countless lives for more than a century. I'm thankful we will continue to provide purposeful hospitality at our conference center and amazing summer programs at our camps for years to come."While LifeWay will no longer be in possession of the Ridgecrest facilities due to financial and organizational stresses placed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic, LifeWay still has plans to utilize the Conference Center for various events such as the Black Church Leadership and Family Conference.  

"The decision to sell Ridgecrest will ensure its future and allow LifeWay to focus on our core ministry," said LifeWay President and CEO Ben Mandrell. "Ridgecrest is well-positioned for future success under new stewardship, and we are working together with the Ridgecrest Foundation toward a strong ministry future-both in the short term and in the long term."

The Ridgecrest Conference Center provides a space for ministries and other Christian associations to gather and practice outside of their respective home churches. Additionally, the properties host boys and girls summer camps over two week periods to learn about discipleship and experience some adventure.