Facebook "independent fact checkers" are allegedly linked to the Clintons, Communist China, and left-wing billionaire George Soros as per One America News Network's report released Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020.

OANN's Pearson Sharp identified the following people and companies behind Facebook's fact checkers: Communist China's Tiktok through Lead Stories and Poynter Institute, CNN's Allan Duke, Google, Soros, and Hilary Clinton's ally Margot Susca.

"One of Facebook's primary fact checkers, Lead Stories, makes a good bit of its money through its partnership with Tiktok, which of course is run by a Chinese company directly tied to the Communist Chinese Government," Sharp revealed, adding sarcastically, "So no bias there."

"As reported by the Epoch Times, Lead Stories was founded in 2015 by Website Developer Maartan Schenk and Allan Duke, long time producer and veteran of CNN. After that, the company picked up a few dozen staffers most of them also from CNN," he emphasized.

"Facebook claimed its fact checkers are trustworthy because they are certified by the International Fact Checking Network. However, this network was founded by the Poynter Institute which is also closely partnered by China's Tiktok and refuses to say how much money they are getting from China," he divulged.

"But it gets even better because the Facebook's fact checking network gets almost all of its money from Google and radical left-wing billionaire George Soros. Furthermore, one of the seven member sitting on this network's advisory board --the people deciding what's fake news-- published this a book this year called, 'Donald Trump and His Assault On The Truth'."

"Worst, according to reports from Sky News Australia, the person in charge of who could become a Facebook fact checker on not is a left-wing activist and rapid critique of President Trump. Her name is Margot Susca and she's repeatedly fond of Hilary Clinton and even admitted her boyfriend worked for Clinton when she was in the senate. And this women literally has the power to censor any story she doesn't like and ban any one who disagrees with her," he disclosed.

Sharp highlighted that "these are the people deciding what's real news and what's fake news and they are in complete control over what you see online."

He stressed that "perspective is reality" and there is a danger when people censoring what's being posted are biased in what they do such that "if they call a story fake news and cover it up and you never hear about it" there is a subjective way in which "they have just shaped your reality."

"Don't rely on independent fact checkers to make up your mind for you. Instead go to straight to OANN.com to see all the stories Facebook or YouTube don't want you to see and make up your mind for yourself," he ended.

OANN discovered the questionable ties after undertaking an investigation on who these Facebook "fact checkers" are considering they have the power to recommend to the social media platform to limit one's actions or totally remove one online.

Independent "fact checkers", as per OANN, are said to "police" postings and behavior of each person or entity in Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The fact checkers assess if your posts are truthful and whether your behavior are against their standards, which could be very subjective and biased to a particular group of people. The social media platforms, based on given reports of their fact checkers, will then act upon your posts and behavior to the extent of preventing you from doing what the rest of its users can do online. A person or entity could be "punished, censored, banned, or even cancelled" if the fact checkers believe such person or entity has "stepped out of line," reported OANN.

In the said report, OANN openly showed they are being repressed online in their postings and actions after being deemed by Facebook's fact checkers as a sharer of false information. The news outfit has been "suspended and demonitized in YouTube" and Facebook, who also shut down their subscription page such that their "live videos are no longer available on Facebook" because fact checkers tagged them for "accruing misinformation strikes and not successfully appealing them."