A Muslim woman in Uganda encountered the Lord Jesus Christ amidst her Islamic evening prayer preparation.

Mansitula Buliro saw visions of Jesus on Jan. 13, calling for her to follow Him, Morning Star News reported.

She stated that she first heard a loud voice saying, "Yeshua," an Aramaic translation of the name of Jesus.

"During the process a certain weakness entered my body, and then I saw a light coming from above, and I heard a loud voice saying, 'Yeshua' repeatedly," Buliro reportedly told Morning Star.

When her husband came from the room where he was praying and saw her, he was shocked and asked her what happened. When she narrated her divine experience, her husband thought she was possessed. He took the Koran and tried to cast out the evil spirit that he thought had entered her.

She further said that she saw another vision that night.

"At midnight I saw a bright light and a man dressed in white clothes crossing the river coming towards me, and He said, 'Peace be upon you - today I have chosen you to be mine.'"

The next morning, the woman came to ask her Christian neighbor about her visions which went for hours. Her neighbor prayed with her and Buliro put her faith in Jesus.

She was about to leave when a Muslim neighbor suddenly came. He discovered that she was praying as a Christian and said, "Mansitula, I thought you were a Muslim - how come I heard prayers mentioning the name of Issa [Jesus]?"

Her neighbor left immediately.

When she returned home, her angry husband said that he had been told that she has become a Christian.

"I kept quiet. [He] started slapping and kicking me indiscriminately. I then fell. He went inside the house and came back with a knife and started cutting my mouth, saying, 'Allahu akbar,' (God is greater), I am punishing you to not speak about Yeshua in my house. This is a Muslim home!" Buliro shared.

Her neighbors came to help her stop her husband's attacks when they heard her screaming and her children crying.

"There was blood all over from my mouth. My in-laws arrived, and in their presence my husband pronounced divorce: 'Today you are no longer my wife. I have divorced you. Leave my house, or I will kill you,'" she said.

A neighbor then brought her to the hospital.

"I was examined, and they found that my fetus had been affected, and after four days I had a miscarriage. It is now very difficult to reunite with my family. I am now Christian, and I have decided for Issa's cause," the woman stated, referring to Jesus.

 The 45-year old mother now lives with a Christian family, Morning Star News reportedly said.

"Uganda's constitution and other laws provide for religious freedom, including the right to propagate one's faith and convert from one faith to another. Muslims make up no more than 12 percent of Uganda's population, with high concentrations in eastern areas of the country," the report concluded.

Christians in Uganda suffer from attacks perpetrated by Muslims living in different areas.