Many U.S. voters believe that punishment should not await public officials who claim that the 2020 Presidential Elections were "stolen" from former President Donald Trump, a recent Rasmussen Reports survey reveals.

America is still divided. A new national telephone and online survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports revealed that up to 61% of Republicans believe Biden "did not win the election fairly." Following an exciting, edge-of-your-seat kind of race to win the elections, Joe Biden was declared victorious during the 2020 Presidential Elections, but it wouldn't be days after November 3 when the vote was decided. According to NPR, "vote tallies in several swing states were slowed by an unprecedented surge in mail-in ballots."

Trump was able to capture contested states such as Florida, Ohio, and Texas, but lost Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Georgia showed a very close race and in the end, Biden supposedly won 306 electoral votes over President Trump, who would have gotten a second term if he earned at least 38 more electoral votes.

Since then, Trump made it clear that Biden didn't win fairly and proceeded to question the election results and file cases on election fraud. According to Reuters, "Most lawmakers cited legal arguments that some states' expansions of mail-in or early voting during the coronavirus pandemic violated the U.S. Constitution."

Meanwhile, many Americans still believe Biden didn't win fairly.

Following former President Trump's second impeachment case, in which he was again acquitted, American voters were asked if "Should public figures be punished for saying they believe the 2020 election was stolen?" The survey results gave new insight on how the public perceives last year's election.

According to Breitbart, 54% of likely voters answered "No," while 35% said "Yes," and finally, 11% said they were unsure. Interestingly, 54% of Democrats believe that public figures who made claims that Biden didn't win fairly and that the election was "stolen" should be punished, versus only 21% of Republicans. 28% of those who were unaffiliated with the Democrats or Republicans agreed.

In addition, the Rasmussen Reports survey revealed that 73% of Republicans and 59% of independents do not believe that those who say Believe Biden Didn't Win Fairly or those who are questioning elections should not be punished. President Biden has been Commander in Chief for only three weeks and a majority of GOP likely voters still believe that Biden didn't win fairly. About 33% of survey respondents said that they don't believe he won the election fairly and 8% said they are unsure. Up to 61% of Republicans do not believe Biden was fairly elected compared to 11% who said yes and 11% who are still unsure.

Despite President Biden's calls for unity amidst a divided America, it looks like there is still a huge rift following the 2020 Presidential Elections. This is largely due, in part, to lawsuits and cases regarding the massive voter fraud that occurred in the recent elections to propel Biden to the White House.

This is also largely due to controversial executive orders such as those forcing Americans to pay for abortions regardless of their convictions, those forcing schools to let biological males compete against biological females in sports, and orders forcing the military to spend its budget on transgender medical procedures should an armed force member ask for it.

These orders are seen to put religious freedoms in danger.

Nile Gardiner, director of the conservative Washington think tank called the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation, told Nikkei Asia his prediction, that a "tremendous clash of ideologies awaits in the next few years, under which Republicans will look to set a fresh agenda to counter Biden's policies."