In just a few more days, Congress will gather to announce who the next President of the United States of America will be for the next four years. While those who are not aware of what really happened are more likely to believe that Trump lost, those who have been following the uncensored news about the chaos that surrounded the elections know that he didn't lose - and there's a lot of evidence proving that.

Got Freedom?, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the integrity of the U.S. elections and in effect preserve the power of the people's voice, published a document providing links to thousands of pages and hours' worth of videos, all providing detailed proof that there has been rampant voter fraud in the Nov. 3 elections, Breitbart news reported.

Per the non-profit, "The 2020 election witnessed an unprecedented and coordinated effort through public-private partnerships to improperly and unlawfully influence the election for Mr. Biden."

These efforts resulted in an election that "violates state law," an election in which "the American people cannot have faith," and consequently election that has results "which should not be certified," the non-profit added.

The following reports, each of focusing on different key areas, provide tons of evidence on the massive voter fraud that occurred:

This report looks at the effects that funding from Mark Zuckerberg and other interests had on the recent elections.

A report explaining the impacts that the Electoral College's "other deadlines" has on the recent Presidential Election.

A massive 1,400-page super-appendix providing detailed and extensive evidence of voter fraud and its effects on the Election in five swing states.

A press conference in Wisconsin where Amistad Project Director Phill Kline described the irregularities and intentional violations of the law meant to influence the elections for Biden.

A national press conference revealing how Zuckerberg's money undermined the election system and its integrity.

A summary of potentially fraudulent ballots. The link lets users download the actual report.

A timeline of all the electoral policy activities in the six key battleground of States From August To November, 2020 - Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada

Peter Navarro's excellent, easy to understand presentation on how voter fraud happened in the recent U.S. Elections.

A report revealing the major discrepancies that lawmakers found when they analyzed election data.

Three whistleblowers appear to share eyewitness accounts about election fraud, including those that could affect freedom.

What they reveal

These reports reveal that the efforts to rig or influence the election for Biden include the following, as per Got Freedom?:

  • Launching lawsuits meant to undermine ballot integrity measures as early as March of 2020.
  • Using "a two-tiered election system" wherein state and local officials targeted Trump constituencies to depress the vote while targeting Biden constituencies to turn out the vote.
  • Paying election judges and officials to manage the way ballots were processed and counted.
  • Local election officials violating state laws protecting the integrity of the ballot.
  • Delivering hundreds of thousands of ballots to one location, and ignoring Republicans' lawful right to view the receipt, handling, and counting of ballots in consolidated counting centers.
  • Illegal ballot harvesting.
  • Accepting more than $400 million from private interests dictating how the election would be managed in Democrat territories.
  • Giving private interests special access to and use of sensitive citizen information that would by maintained only by government.
  • Benefiting from Big Tech monies and censorship of information;
  • Training and deploying left-leaning poll workers to commit fraud in Democrat territories.
  • Denying transparency by resisting or rejecting legitimate requests to review and audit ballots, ballot envelopes, and computer logs.
  • Threatening legislators who disagree with blue state executive officials on the election result with criminal investigation and prosecution.
  • Blocking Republican legislators' access to the state capitol, preventing them from meeting and challenging election certification.