The battle for free and fair elections in America continues. Just over the weekend, mathematician Bobby Piton looked over millions records in the great state of Pennsylvania and found something astonishing: more than half a million votes came from so-called "phantom voters" - voters who just appeared from out of nowhere and vanished as quickly as they came.

Piton shared his findings in a series of tweets addressed to U.S. President Donald Trump. The thread isn't very long, but it reveals a lot of details regarding the stunning fraud that occurred in PA during the recent Presidential elections.

"I have some absolutely stunning news to report regarding PA," Piton started.

He said he examined more than 9 million records -9,008,753 to be exact- and was able to identify 521,879 "unique" last names. These people didn't share their last names with brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on, making them the aforementioned "phantom voters" as per The Gateway Pundit.

The mathematician's findings are even more stunning when broken down into specifics.

First, he said he found out that 245,033, or just a little bit under 47%, of the total last names in the state belong to only one person. For some reason, these voters do not have any family member in the state.

Second, Piton said there are 695,430 fewer people in the 1,000 top last names in the state, based on the records. Specifically, for example, there are:

  • 30,830 fewer Johnsons
  • 19,591 fewer Williams
  • 14,776 fewer Smiths
  • 11,656 fewer Jacksons

...than there really is. Piton said these are "missing," are "nowhere to be found," and are missing in action ("MIA"). "What in the world is going on in PA," he said.

Third, Piton indicated that "exactly 500 of the top 1,000 names" in the state have a "deficit in the number of people that should be there.

He tallied the number of people that were missing from the official records and found that, based on a "national estimate," 958,044 Pennsylvanians are nowhere to be found. "This is astounding 695,000 to 958,000 just got up and vanished out of PA," he tweeted.

Fourth, using some spreadsheets, Biton revealed that the phantom voters existed regardless of county. He checked unique last names against the records of all 66 counties in Pennsylvania and found that instances of questionable last names still remain.

In Allegheny county, for example, Piton found 50,651 unique last names. After checking against the other remaining counties in PA, 25,498 unique last names still exist!

Delaware county, which had 30,879 unique last names recorded, had 13,566 instances of unique last names left after checking against the other counties.

"I am at a loss for words that I am looking at such INSANE Outright Fraud," Piton tweeted. "That almost 1 million Americans had their Vote STOLEN from them!"

"Arrests need to be made for this crime against the Great State of Pennsylvania," he said.

Piton also indicated that the effort to manipulate the election came from a centralized source. This "sophisticated State Actor," as per the mathematician, "was able to optimize a desired outcome for both the State of Georgia and the State of Pennsylvania." He said it appears that the shortage in PA seemed to "almost perfectly offsetting the Overage in GA."