The State University of New York at Geneseo reportedly suspended a student for sharing an Instagram post in which the student asserted "a man is a man, a woman is a woman."

According to a Thursday report from The Daily Wire, which was able to obtain a copy of the suspension records, the State University of New York (SUNY) suspended Owen Stevens, an education student, from his access to required teaching programs after he posted several Instagram videos expressing conservative ideologies about biological sex.

"A man is a man, a woman is a woman," Stevens said in one of his videos. "A man is not a woman, and a woman is not a man."


SUNY sent an email to Stevens, saying he is suspended from his field teaching programs after his peers found videos of him posting conservative ideologies on social media.

In an email, the Dean of the School of Education at SUNY wrote to Stevens: "After review of all available materials, I find that, based on your continued public stance and social media presence, you do not consistently demonstrate behaviors required by the Conceptual Framework of the School of Education."

"You continue to maintain, 'I do not recognize the gender that they claim to be if they are not biologically that gender,'" the Dean continued. "This public position is in conflict with the Dignity of All Students Act requiring teachers to maintain a classroom environment protecting the mental and emotional wellbeing of all students."

The reason behind the suspension, according to the university, is that Stevens' videos "call into question" his ability to "maintain a classroom environment protecting the mental and emotional well-being of all of [his] students," The Daily Wire reported.

The university also claims that Steven violated the school's inclusivity doctrine, which requires teachers to foster "a diverse campus community marked by mutual respect for the unique talents and contributions of each individual."

Stevens, according to documents obtained by The Daily Wire, will be required to complete a "remediation plan," which includes deleting his Instagram posts, de-politicizing his social media presence, and attending a school-sanctioned training.

He will remain suspended until he completes the training, which Stevens described as "re-education."

The university also sent an email to all the students and condemned Stevens for the videos, The Blaze wrote.

"Yesterday, I was made aware of a current student's Instagram posts pertaining to transgender people," the university's president wrote. "I want to take this opportunity to publicly restate my deep personal commitment to promoting social justice."

In the same email, the president went on to suggest that the university would take action against Stevens, if possible.

"There are clear legal limitations to what a public university can do in response to the objectionable speech," the email continued. "As a result, there are few tools at our disposal to reduce the pain that such speech may cause."

In response to the issue, Stevens told The Daily Wire that he has "received threats and horrible incidents of students who all feel like they are making the world a better place by becoming the woke thought police."

Stevens also added that he just wants "justice and the right thing to be done."

A spokesperson from SUNY Geneseo told The Daily Wire that the university believes it is not violating the students' freedom of speech.

"Although we cannot comment on any particular student, SUNY Geneseo respects every student's right to freedom of speech and expression," the spokesperson told the outlet.

"By choosing to enter into certain professional fields, students agree to abide by the professional standards of their chosen field. At times, these professional standards dictate that students act and behave in certain ways that may differ from their personal predilections."

SUNY, in the past, promoted left-wing idealogy in its departments despite claiming that political ideologies are not brought inside classrooms.