Revivalist Mario Murillo claims that the upcoming revolutionary leader/s would not fit any existing mold but will serve as the catalysts for the next great awakening. They will appear because the circumstances warrant it.

On his post Thursday, he claimed that the coronavirus will be seen as an excuse to alter the way churches and missions work. But even though it means prohibiting mass assemblies and potentially eliminating any preaching from social media, as well as a deliberate attempt to marginalize the church in forms never expected, Bible-based Christianity isn't dead in America.

"You watch, God will come out of nowhere to meet this threat. A big difference you will see in the coming leaders is where they serve," he said.

Murillo asserted that only a handful of these leaders would be in the pulpit. More will work in governments, business, science, law, entertainment, music, or any of the thousand other fields.

"They will not introduce subjects-they will introduce eras," he declared.

Holy consecration

The pastor continued that no one would be able to manipulate or sway these leaders. They can function in an unsettlingly holy consecration to the Lord's purposes.

"Today they suffer. Their agony is what happens when worlds collide. They see their destiny. It's big and dangerous," describes Murillo.

The 'force' is a farce

Contrary to popular belief, Murillo believes that brokenness, not arrogance, is what unlocks gifts, authority, and direction. He's not also a fan of reducing supernatural manifestations into formulas like prophetic activations.

Armed with divine certainty

This is what Murillo says that these new leaders are like. They "own an unshakable, bone-deep conviction that they have been chosen for (the) task."

Murillo continued by arguing that the filtered perception of "service "is a major problem for the church's decline in national influence. God wanted to direct people into careers in college, law, medicine, industry, literature, media, and politics, but they were often hauled into "Christian service."

"You see it in the Bible. You see it in the stories of heroes of faith throughout history who altered the course of their generation," he points out.

Hell instantly puts chosen ones on a hit list.

Murillo includes a sobering cautionary note. He said that the child of God must be launched in a path that escapes the devil's temptation, celebrity seduction, withering scorn, and the "dark night of the soul" that awaits all who are called of God.

He exemplified this with John Wesley's final letter to William Wilberforce, which states: "Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them together stronger than God? O be not weary of well doing!"

An army that will invade every area of culture

Recognizing that today's prophetic fire is intermittent and scattered, Murillo said that the prophetic people of God would soon follow and "embrace their assignments."

"Understand this child of God, the same Spirit that is awakening a passion and direction in you is doing the same thing to millions more," he assured.