China's Chinese Communist Party reportedly wants to build more bio labs despite facing worldwide outrage for COVID-19, which is linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Fox News reported that China plans to build a dozen more of biosafety laboratories since its Wuhan laboratory is the only level four lab in their country. Chinese authorities intend to add to their level three labs and another level four lab in the next five years despite investigations on them for the coronavirus pandemic.

While the Financial Times (FT) reported that China intends to build 25 to 30 biosafety level three laboratories and one level four biosafety laboratory in China's Guangdong province.

FT said that London's George Mason University Associate Professor of Biodefence Gregory Koblentz exposed the plans to create 59 maximum biosafety level four laboratories in 23 countries that included Africa, China, Gabon, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Maximum security laboratories are said to be where the most dangerous bio research take place. Koblentz warned that the security of such laboratories are in danger and could lead to future leakages that caused the current pandemic.

Koblentz said in his report that 42 laboratories are already old having been built ten years ago and require upkeeping. He said there is a rapid expansion of such facilities, "particularly in countries like China" where leakages of very dangerous substances are now being given focus and concern.

The Financial Times cited Rutgers University Chemical Biology Professor Richard Ebright in highlighting the need to secure strong biosafety standards to avoid future leakages like that attributed from Wuhan.

"Accidents and leaks already happen in very large numbers, especially in places that have weaker biosafety standards. We need to strengthen biosafety and biosecurity rules around the world," Ebright told the FT.

Fox News pointed out that China has a "medium" level of biosecurity preparedness although it has passed a biosafety law in 2020 before it ordered all information on the COVID-19 virus to be kept from the public.

Former CIA Moscow Station Chief Daniel Hoffman, in an interview in Fox News last June 3, said in line with investigations on the Wuhan laboratory leak that there's no need to go to China to actually attain evidence since evidence on it is already surfacing.

"We're not going to go in there and see the evidence anyway, doesn't matter if it was there, if it wasn't there. The Chinese aren't going to give us the evidence, but all that matters is there was evidence at one time," Hoffman stated.

Reports have shown that the COVID-19 virus has leaked from the Wuhan Laboratory with its scientists being the first to be afflicted by it. Investigations have also linked National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci with the Wuhan laboratory experiments.

However, despite calls for further investigation from United States legislators and various individuals, President Joe Biden has already shut down the probe into the Wuhan laboratory leak days before May ended. Biden reportedly ordered a ban on any inquiries that began under former State Department Secretary Mike Pompeo due to "the quality of its work." He even prohibited people from referring to COVID-19 as the "China Virus" or "Wuhan Virus" in federal communications.

The investigations under Pompeo, however, found evidence pointing to the virus as having come a laboratory in Wuhan, and not from nature as some have alleged.