A high ranking CCP defector who came forward to U.S. investigators about the origins of COVID-19 provided evidence that the 2019 novel coronavirus was man made and leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The unnamed CCP defector also claimed to have evidence that the People's Liberation Army managed the Wuhan program, a testimony that supports the claims of Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who provided similar claims to the FBI last year. Both the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) and the Defense Intelligence Agency established the legitimacy of the information provided by the CCP defector.

According to RedState, technical details were provided to scientists without informing them that the source was in fact the CCP defector. Upon performing analysis on the data provided versus data from published sources, the conclusion drawn was that COVID-19 was in fact engineered. Moreover, the CCP defector also confirmed several details Dr. Yan provided to U.S. investigators last year.

Dr. Yan was one of the first scientists who suggested the Wuhan lab leak theory last year. The New York Post reported that she was also one of the first to research the emerging coronavirus but fled China after she accused Beijing of covering up the true origins of COVID-19. Most recently, she spoke out against Dr. Anthony Fauci's leaked emails, which showed how she had in fact been in contact with him and how Dr. Fauci had "a lot of useful information" about the Wuhan lab leak theory.

"They verify my work from the very beginning, even from last January, that these people know what happened, but they choose to hide for the Chinese Communist Party and for their own benefits," Dr. Yan told the N.Y. Post. She also pointed out how in one email, "Dr. Fauci even back to 1st of February last year immediately realized that there would be gain-of-function experiment involved in the COVID-19 virus."

Evidence of a massive coverup proving that Chinese military created COVID-19 in a lab and later leaked into the city of Wuhan is mounting. But the FBI continues to keep mum on the issue on whether they have sufficient evidence or not. Last week, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz confronted FBI Director Christopher Wray about the specifics of his interactions with Dr. Yan.

According to FOX News, Rep. Gaetz grilled Wray on what he knew with regards to Dr. Yan's claims that Chinese military created COVID-19 and that it leaked from a lab. Wray admitted that he could not speak about any "specific investigation," but committed to being "very vocal about the counterintelligence threat which takes a wide variety of forms from the People's Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party," saying it was "one of the most significant threats" facing the United States today.

Wray refused to confirm knowledge of evidence proving that the Chinese military created COVID-19 and that it escaped from a lab but admitted that "the intelligence community has been looking at this issue. There are differences of view within the intelligence community about the origins of the coronavirus and we're taking a deeper dive on that subject."