Kaya Jones, a former member of the girl group Pussycat Dolls from the 2000s, pledges to be "all in" in "working for the Lord" after experiencing a 'life-changing' baptism.

In a post on her Facebook page, Jones posted photos of her baptism, which took place on May 23 at Pastor Paula White's City of Destiny Church in Apopka, Florida.

"I've sung with Jagger, Britney, Fergie, Katy Perry & many others. Nothing & no one compares to singing with Jesus!" she cried.

"I'm finally now serving the Lord. It was a dream come true to be baptized by this woman who brought me to Christ through the TV," she added.

Jones also opened up about her baptism and her spiritual journey in an interview with The Christian Post.

Jones described her baptism as "life-changing," claiming that it transformed her "walk with the Lord from what was already pretty strong and steady to ... really just saying ... 'I'm all in.'" She now considers it her mission to "work for Him" and "write for Him" in order to forward His cause.

Just as it did something in her, she explained that her baptism has had an impact on the spiritual development of her closest friends and family members.

She spoke about her mother's return to church as well as her boyfriend's desire to become "more immersed in the Word." According to her, it's due to the "change within me they've seen," adding, "I can only attribute that to the Holy Spirit. It's not me. It's Him."

Tracing how she started in the faith, the singer told CP that she first came into contact with White when she was 16 years old, when her ministry was shown on BET, and that it "struck a chord" in her. However, it was at this point that she began working in the entertainment business.

"I joined the Pussycat Dolls and was not serving God but rather myself. I knew I wasn't following God's plan for me," she said adding that such conduct was not unusual in the music industry since it is a career that is "always just about glorifying yourself."

"I joined the Pussycat Dolls, that went on to be very successful. But now I sing full-time for the Lord."

She also highlighted the entertainment industry's antagonism against religion, describing it as "rooted in a lot of satanic teachings," referring specifically to the way many celebrities are elevated to idol status. Women performers were often exposed to intense pressure and discouraged from marrying or becoming pregnant.

Jones, who regretted an abortion she had during her early 2000s tenure with the Pussycat Dolls, said that "abortions are championed in the industry."

"As someone who's had an abortion and I can contest to other women that I know who've had as well, we regret not having our child, our children, so ... I do think that ... it's a really important issue to be speaking on now more so than ever because people are glorifying it and they're really giving you horrible advice," she said.

Despite this, she expressed hope that an increasing number of actors and musicians are now stepping out to be open about their Christian faith. She cited Justin Bieber releasing a Christian record, as well as Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton as examples.