Former Wisconsin elections clerk Sandy Juno reportedly revealed that Facebook-funded activists took control of the 2020 presidential race in the state.

WND said that Juno, previously the elections clerk for Brown County, purported Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg funded activists to take over the state's election in 2020. Juno is said to be in the spotlight for various complaints on the 2020 presidential race announcement results due to possible election misconduct.

Zuckerberg is said to have released, through his Center for Tech and Civil Life, hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of election officials in the United States. Juno said the money came with strings attached that eventually "sidelined career experts and made last-minute changes that may have violated state laws," as per WND.

The said condition was for the officials to get through the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the funds were used for ad campaigns, raises, and even for the purchase of new vehicles.

Just The News, on the other hand, reported that the retired Juno pinpointed Green Bay, along with other cities where the said activists took control of the November elections that also resulted in last-minute changes and the sidelining of career experts that are violations of the law in Wisconsin. Juno said the funding made changes in how ballots in Green Bay were counted last elections.

"They had no business doing that. We need to be really on top of this, because if this is how elections are going to go, we won't have election integrity," Juno stressed during an interview with Just The News.

Juno also raised the need for legislators to ban future donations to election referees to avoid corrupt influence. She said the inflow of money enabled the "mayor's office and chief of staff" to "take over election functions" despite not having the authority to do so.

"And that is not something under state statutes they have the authority to do because under Wisconsin law, municipal clerks, the county clerk and the Wisconsin Elections Commission are the individuals charged with running elections," Juno continued.

In addition, Juno disclosed that the "outside group," pertaining to Zuckerberg's activists from Center for Tech and Civic Life, came in as election day neared to "redo" the statewide forms and documents they used for elections despite being "from out of state" and having no right to do so. But since the CTCL actually funded many "Democratic strongholds" in Wisconsin, they were able to move about freely and make those changes.

"So they were beginning to get involved with things that they didn't have the expertise," she explained. "They were working primarily with our five major Democratic base cities. So they were breaking the consistency of documents and processes and procedures used statewide."

A report in January echoes what Juno said that Zuckerberg's funding of the elections has led to voter fraud, such that the Wisconsin Assembly has authorized last March an investigation on the 2020 presidential elections. In particular, the vote cast in Wisconsin show that it is .63% or 20,682 votes more than the actual number on record that Joe Biden won with.

Facebook was also said to meddle in the Georgia runoffs last January by censuring the campaign ads of Republicans, particularly the account of Georgia Battle Ground Fund, that raises funds for their senatorial candidates.