John Zmirak, senior editor for The Stream, author of several books and former press secretary to Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster, discussed the Marxist link of China's propaganda efforts to internally destabilize the United States.

Zmirak asserts in an interview with The Eric Metaxas Show podcast that, similar to how China was in chaos in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when it was colonized by Germany, France, and England, the communist regime anticipates the Anglo-dominated countries to be in the same "chaotic, internally divided" state.

"If they can't take it over completely, seamlessly, they want to divide it. They want to turn blacks against whites, Christians against Jews, religious against non-religious. They want the country divided and weak. That's what China wants," he claimed. "China doesn't want a strong discipline Marxist America. It wants a chaotic America where police and black people are fighting it on the streets, and the proud boys are fighting out with the Antifa. They want us in chaos."

Following that, he referred to the incidents in what he called "blue cities" governed by Democrats, where poverty is rampant due to a lack of economic opportunity, the riots, the demand for police to be defunded or not intervene at all, and the abortion rates perpetuated by Planned Parenthood as America's version of Marxism.

That realization, according to host Eric Metaxas, was "sobering," and he encouraged listeners to "wake up and figure out" what they could do.

Moving on to the issue of Southern Baptists arguing over whether critical race theory would take over Baptist seminaries, Zmirak urged churchgoers not to give money to their churches until they got an answer about whether Marxist ideologies were infiltrating their Bible schools.

"Make sure you don't put money in the collection plate or you don't mail them a check until you know the answers to this stuff," he said.

Chinese Communist Party propaganda

On the subject of destabilizing Western powers, it's also noteworthy to mention that according to a recent report from Breitbart, China's state-run propaganda news outlet Global Times published an editorial piece on Tuesday titled "Brutality against indigenous people embedded in Anglo-Saxons' DNA."

The pro-CCP opinion piece was meant as a call out to the deemed hypocrisy and double standards of the West in terms of genocide records. But according to the Breitbart report, China's Global Times and other regime-controlled newspapers frequently publish articles like the aforementioned to make a case that free Western nations are not in a position to condemn the extermination of the Uyghur people because of the atrocities committed against indigenous Americans hundreds of years ago.

Furthermore, the report said that the Global Times expanded the scope of that accusation to include all "Anglo-Saxons," not just the governments of the United States and Canada.

The U.S.-based outlet also noted that the Chinese Communist Party reportedly requested the U.N. Human Rights Council to launched an investigation into the crimes against First Nations people in Canada, which was later supported by the piece published in the Global Times.

In contrast to previous investigations of the Uyghur genocide, which are spearheaded by the United States, Canada has assumed the lead on the case before the Human Rights Council. As for the alleged abuses, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly made a personal apology to the indigenous people of Canada after many accusations of mistreatment had been reported. He has made a commitment to use "public resources" to investigating the entire extent of the atrocities inflicted on indigenous people in an effort to integrate them into European civilization.