Pop star Shawn Mendes revealed that he cried as he listened to songs from Maverick City, particularly when the group sang about Jesus Christ.

In an interview on the Man Enough podcast, the singer shared the impact of songs in his inmost being, The Christian Post reported. He said he is knowing "there's a God" and becoming "more spiritual" through music.

"Only in the last two years I've realized the real power that music is. There's something so interesting because I grew up kind of more or less atheist. And now becoming much more spiritual and really being sure there's a God, or sure there's a higher thing, the universe or whatever, music was the thing that did that for me," he said.

He disclosed that he was able to watch the Maverick City choir "singing about Jesus" on YouTube and the video made him cry.

"...they're singing about Jesus, and I just start crying, like crying my eyes out," he stated.

Maverick City is a group of singers and songwriters creating Gospel songs. In 2021, they released the album, "Maverick City, Vol. 3, Pt 1." This year, it collaborated with Elevation Worship for the album, "Old Church Basement."

However, Mendes shared that he also feels the same way when listening to Hindu mantras and songs from India.

"There's really truly a way that music gets to the soul and creates. I'm stealing this from the words of Pharell's uncle in the Netflix series that he just released, he says, 'Music makes words that people don't want to hear out loud in speech more palatable,'" he further said.

In an interview with Wonderland magazine, the singer disclosed that he is currently seeing a therapist twice a week to overcome his struggles.

"You have to be really open and okay with being messed up sometimes. That's when you start to make serious progress," he said of the therapy.

Mendes dated Hailey Baldwin in 2017. But in 2018, Baldwin went on to rekindle his relationship with Justin Bieber and the couple proceeded to marry in November that year.

Mendes and Bieber, both Canadians, became friends. In November 2020, they released the single, "Monster," which debuted at No. 8 on Billboard Hot 100.

Known for being humble, the HollywoodMask said that the singer's humility is attributed to being raised in a Christian home.

Mendes' fame began when he uploaded his version of Bieber's song, "As Long as You Love Me," on Vine in 2012 which gained 10,000 likes the next day. His rendition also caught the attention of his current manager, Andrew Gertler, who described the singer as a "modern-day version of a rock star."

Mendes signed with the Island Records. With the record company, the singer released the chart-topping "The Shawn Mendes EP" and the album "Handwritten."

He also released other songs, including "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Senorita" with Camila Cabello, "Treat You Better," "There's Nothing Holdin Me Back," "In My Blood", "Lost in Japan" and "If I Can't Have You."

His other albums include "Illuminate" in 2016 and a self-titled one in 2018.