After a dismal Fourth of July during which President Joe Biden failed to meet his self-imposed goal of vaccinating up to 70% of the American population, the Democrat president is looking at other strategies to get more people inoculated with COVID vaccines.

His administration has already encouraged private businesses to push their employees to get the jab and the White House recently announced a door to door campaign to corner people and ask why they're vaccine hesitant.

According to Red State, the Biden administration is also looking to crack down on what it considers disinformation campaigns, many of which are rampant on the Internet, but also on one's personal text messages. The report said, "Biden's team and surrogates are making plans to censor your private text messages the same way Big Tech censors your social media posts."

It further reveals how the Biden administration plans to "activate left-wing groups and activists to put pressure on phone carriers to censor SMS text messages that may contain 'misinformation' about COVID, the vaccines, and heaven knows what else they may consider to be wrong information."

Politico reported that the Biden administration is already publicly naming conservative detractors of its COVID vaccination campaign as "dangerous and extreme," even going as far as enlisting the FBI to urge regular citizens to spy and snitch on their very own family members and blow the whistle on conservatives.

The White House, under President Biden's leadership, is now banking on "misinformation and scare tactics" after Republican leaders and conservative activists vowed to push back on the administration's door to door campaign to get all Americans inoculated with experimental COVID vaccines.

Groups in alliance with President Biden, such as the Democratic National Committee are planning to "engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages." The goal for them right now is to see barriers that stand in the way of people trying to get the vaccine "lessened or removed entirely."

What they don't realize is that a large number of American citizens are not "vaccine hesitant," but rather completely opposed to the COVID jabs for medical or religious reasons. The Red State report added that what the Democrats believe are the "vaccine hesitant" are not what the mainstream media calls the "anti-vaxxers."

In fact, some of them are Democrats who are against mandatory vaccinations.

Moreover, such fact-checkers, specifically the ones that are run by Facebook and which the company calls "trustworthy" are in fact certified by the International Fact Checking Network, which is funded by the Poynter Institute, an organization with ties to China's TikTok, the Epoch Times reported in September 2020.

Once again, the Red State report argues that there is more to just the vaccine hesitant at stake here. The Democrats, as early as now, are already making moves to ensure that an "outsider" like Donald Trump can never harness the power of the vote in 2022 and the first steps is to censor any communication that disagrees with the government on COVID.