A recent Gallup survey reveals that Republicans trust the Church twice as much as Democrats do.

The Christian Headlines reported the annual Gallup survey showed Democrats trusted the media and public schools more than they trust the church and the police as Republicans do, indicating a wide partisan gap when it comes to confidence in the church and the police.

As per the survey, only 31% of Americans who identify as Democrats have confidence in the police while 76% of Republicans show confidence in local law enforcement. Democrats also expressed 26% confidence in the church while Republicans showed 51% confidence in organized religion.

The survey also showed that 35% of Democrats expressed confidence in newspapers while only 8% of Republicans say they do. While 25% of Democrats show confidence in television news against the 6% of Republicans. Despite these results, Christian Headlines pointed out that both political parties show poor confidence in the media even though Democrats are more likely to trust them.

Democrats also showed 43% confidence in public schools against 20% of Republicans.

As per Gallup, the overall results of the survey show that Americans' confidence in major institutions in the United States have declined last year.

"Americans' average confidence in major U.S. institutions has edged down after increasing modestly several months into the coronavirus pandemic last year. Currently, an average 33% of U.S. adults express 'a great deal' or 'quite a lot' of confidence in 14 institutions, marking a three-percentage-point dip since 2020 and a return to the level seen in 2018 and 2019," Gallup said.

Gallup explained that their findings involve the public's confidence rating conducted last June 1-July 15 on a variety of U.S. institutions as they normally do every year since 1973 when the Watergate scandal took place. The 14 key institutions have been part of their annual survey since 1993.

The 14 key institutions are public schools, media system, small business, church or organized religion, banks, the United States Supreme Court, the criminal justice system, military, technology companies, organized labor, newspapers, television news, the presidency, big business, Congress, and the police.

Overall, the survey showed that Americans have a "great deal" of confidence in the military at 37% followed by small businesses at 35% and the police at 26%.

Gallup said that the lowest confidence rating the police received was last year as a result of the killing of George Floyd and its nationwide protests. While this year's confidence rating did increase for the police, Gallup revealed that this is still way smaller when compared to the 2019 level.

Americans' confidence in the medical system was at 20%, followed by 19% for the church or organized religion, and 16% for the presidency. The U.S. Supreme Court garnered a 13% confidence rating similar to public schools followed by the 12% garnered by banks, organized labor, and large technology companies.

On the other hand, big businesses received a 9% confidence rating followed by newspapers at 8%, the criminal justice system at 7%, television news at 6%, and with Congress at the bottom with 5%. Gallup highlighted that small business and the military "have consistently ranked at the top of the list since 1989" while "Congress or big business has ranked at the bottom of the list since 2007."