A Christian camp in California was destroyed by a huge wildfire currently raging in the state.

The Dixie Fire burned down all the buildings of Sierra Bible Camp (SBC) on the evening of Aug. 5. SBC broke the news on its Facebook page the next day.

"The winds shifted and the Dixie fire came back at camp from the south east side. We are so sad to report that the fire went through camp. Please keep the families and communities in that area in your prayers," the post says.

Clint Evans, president of the SBC Board of Directors, also shared a statement on the camp's page.

"Thank you, all for your encouraging words. We too are heartbroken at the loss of our camp and are still coming to terms with all of the devastation. We have enjoyed so many years there and have come to know the communities around the lake as a part of our Christian family," he wrote.

However, he said that they still felt grateful as no human life was lost in the fire.

Evans told the East Bay Times that the camp has been a part of his life since he was a boy.

"I've been going to that camp in some capacity since I was five. I'm 58 now and we've always been pretty intimately involved with the camp," he said.

He disclosed that they are already planning to rebuild but are considering to move the camp somewhere due to the condition of the trees.

The camp was founded in 1952 by the pastors from Sacramento Valley, including George Dickson, Fletcher Cauthen and Paul King.

In late July, SBC stated that the camp was still being used by California Fire as its base while trying to control the wildfire around the area.

The Dixie Fire reportedly began on July 13, believed to have been ignited by the power lines of the Pacific Gas & Electric, which eventually merged with another blaze called Fly Fire. It is now considered as the second largest wildfire in the state's history, after it burned an area of 890 square miles in Sierra Nevada and Cascades.

According to Los Angeles Times, the fire ravaged the Plumas County, displacing more than 40% of its residents, and reached nearby counties, such as Butte, Lassen and Tehama. It also destroyed a number of communities, including Indian Falls, Canyon Dam and Greenville.

The government has already sent more than 6,000 firefighters to help fight the fire.

Speaking to The Christian Post, SBC Board Member Mike Vincelli also expressed his sadness upon seeing the damage.

"So many people and so many kids had gone through camp and had found Christ there. For it to be just gone ... we just all felt very sad and just heartbroken," he lamented.

Vincelli revealed that though the camp is insured, it will not be enough to cover everything. Thus, they are planning to raise funds for the rebuilding.

Contributions can be forwarded to 2042 Trailview Ct in Redding, California, 96003.