Tim Tebow urged his followers to join them in praying for the people who are suffering, particularly those who were affected with the chaos in Afghanistan and other calamities around the world.

"We have been heartbroken over the crisis in Afghanistan, the loss of our brave servicemen and women, and the loss of so many other precious lives. With so much suffering around the world, we ask that you join us in prayer," he began.

"Prayer for the country of Afghanistan, the evacuees, the families of those lost, Louisiana & Mississippi, Haiti, the flooding in TN, the fires out west, Covid-19, and so much more. We ask you to pray alongside TTF as we try to help fight for those who are hurting," the statement added.

He went on to encourage Christians to be an impact by ministering to people affected by the crises.

"With so many challenges, we, the body of Christ have many opportunities to impact those directly affected by these crises. In the dark, the light of Jesus shines brightest. As we pray over each of these crises, let's all seek ways to serve those affected and be ready when God calls us to step in to make a difference in the life of another."

In conclusion, Tebow cited Romans 12:21, adding that believers are "made for these moments" to pray and serve the people in need for the glory of God.

On social media, Evangelist Franklin Graham said that the former NFL player joined the Samaritan Purse in ministering to the Afghan evacuees.

In the post, the reverend shared that the organization's aircraft has been deployed to deliver basic needs to the refugees, such as hygiene items and blankets.

The group headed by the evangelist has been providing help to people in Afghanistan by sponsoring flights out of the country.

America's last military aircraft departed on Tuesday, marking the end of its two-decade occupation of the South Asian nation. The flight also concludes the United States' rescue mission following the Taliban's take over.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr. disclosed that they were able to evacuate 123,000 civilians.

But according to NPR, more people who wanted to leave the war-torn country have yet to be rescued. With this, private groups are helping to get people out, including one which is being led by Mary Beth Long, a former assistant secretary of defense for International Security Affairs.

Long shared to the media outlet that her group has already assisted about 300 American citizens.

The former government official said that they are coordinating with various groups on the ground to help with the mission. Further, she revealed that they were able to get the aircraft through the assistance of donors and wealthy individuals.

 In addition to flying people out, her group is also working on to get them escape through other ways, such as by land. They are looking to bring refugees in the nearby nations like Pakistan, Tajikistan or other northern border countries.