Franklin Graham Calls Christians To Pray For Afghanistan And Ask For ‘A Miracle From The Hand Of God’

Rev. Franklin Graham
Rev. Franklin Graham calling for prayers for Afghanistan amid the Taliban crisis. |

Rev. Franklin Graham sent an appeal to prayer on Sunday for Afghans and Americans who were attempting to escape the nation that was controlled by the Taliban after the U.S. troops' departure.

"Join me right now for a time of prayer as we lift up Afghanistan, our leadership as they make critical decisions, and all those whose very lives are being threatened by the Taliban-including Christians," wrote Graham on Facebook.

Before praying, Graham said that about 15,000 Americans remain in Afghanistan. He did, however, mention that Afghani Christians are now being hunted, with some already being executed. Others were Afghan employees who had done logistical work for the US military in the past, such as translation, contractors, and so on.

These individuals, explained Graham, are also targets because they will be seen as American collaborators.

"...the three administrations had promised to stay the course, Republican as well as Democrat," said Graham, "and for some reason, this administration felt that it was important to cut immediately, with no plan and to run, and now we have the chaos that has followed. The only hope for this is God. I don't see any other way out."

Graham began his prayer by asking God to forgive America. He then asked for protection for the remaining Christians in Afghanistan, as well as courage for church leaders who have been informed that the Taliban are after them.

He also prayed for God to "make a way" for those who wanted to flee the nation but were stopped by Taliban militants on their route to the airport.

He also remembered the young boys and girls who were reportedly trafficked for prostitution by the Taliban. Finally, he prayed for Biden, his advisers, and other political leaders, asking God to influence their decisions.

CBN News reports that considering the Taliban's record of crime, especially toward women and girls, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, called for that day of prayer on Sunday.

According to a press release on Friday afternoon, Graham was quoted as saying, "There is no hope for these people to get out safely - apart from a miracle from the hand of God - and that's what we need to pray for."

He also mentioned that Samaritan Purse is currently coordinating with organizations in Afghanistan to transport people out of Afghanistan.

Edward Graham, Graham's youngest son, who fought in six combat missions in Afghanistan, said it "hurts" to witness the country's present state of affairs.

"I spent years there and lost many friends. There are many Afghan people that I love," he said. "This is a manmade disaster and there isn't a person or an organization that can fix this. Only God can deliver us from this crisis."

Similarly, reports from on-site journalists suggest that Americans are having difficulty gaining entry to Kabul International Airport. President Biden has stated that any American who wants to leave Afghanistan would be allowed to do so, and that the evacuation is due by August 31. However, his words do not match what's happening in Kabul.