Various reports show that more American parents choose to homeschool their children due to the pandemic and due to "schools that they say aren't working."

CBN News said the United States Census Bureau report showed that homeschooling doubled during the pandemic that is similarly indicated in the National Home Education Research Institute findings. The National Home Education Research Institute released that there are almost 5 million students being homeschooled this year, as compared to the 2.5 million students in 2019.

While New York Post Reporter Suzy Weiss pointed out that "more than 11% of American households are educating their children outside of traditional schools." Weiss said it is a "nationwide" phenomenon and cited data from various states on the matter showing an increase of homeschooled children.

"In Wrobel's state of Vermont, homeschool applications are up 75 percent. And that's in the northeast, where regulations are strictest. The phenomenon is exploding across the country. In North Carolina, the site for registering homeschools crashed last summer. In California, applications for homeschooling tripled from 2020 to 2021. In Alaska, more than a quarter of students in the state are now homeschooled," Weiss said in her blog.

"In Texas and Florida, parents are not required to notify the state, so it's hard to know exactly how many kids are learning at home. But just one South Florida school, Jupiter Farms Elementary, saw 10 percent of its student population withdraw for this school year. Almost all of them are being taught at home," she added.

The rise on homeschooling was first noticed in August last year due to the hindrances in "regulations and uncertainties" imposed by public education systems in line with the pandemic. The Christian organization Home School Legal Defense Association was first to anticipate the growing demand for homeschooling after experiencing a 300% growth to it since the pandemic began.

Last July, a report said that parents have opted for homeschooling since it has resulted in better performance among children. The Home Educators Association of Virginia revealed that there is a 48% increase in homeschooling in the state as compared to 2020 data such the 44,000 homeschoolers have grown to 65,000 homeschoolers.

Parents, in addition, also chose homeschooling since they also do not favor children being taught Critical Race Theory in school.

"The American Schoolhouse was in serious disrepair before 2020 - about that no one would disagree. But the events of last year tore the whole thing down to the studs. First, the pandemic. Then, the lockdowns. Then the summer of unrest: George Floyd, the protests, the riots, the mea culpas. Many local school boards seemed more concerned about teaching critical race theory and renaming schools than reopening them," Weiss disclosed.

"Parents didn't know what to do - what was safe, what was right, whom to trust. It was like being inside a tornado," Weiss continued.

"These were changes that rocked every American family. So perhaps it's no surprise that the homeschooling trend cuts across geographic, political, and racial lines: Black, Latino and Asian families are even likelier than white ones to educate their children at home," she stressed.