A majority of American voters "passionately" oppose President Joe Biden's tyrannical vaccine mandate, a new poll has revealed. When asked if the Commander-in-Chief has the right to impose such a demand on his constituents, responders also said no.

WND reported such findings from a new poll released by Convention of States Action and the Georgia-based opinion polling and survey company, The Trafalgar Group. According to the poll, 58.6% of respondents reject President Biden's claims that he has the authority to establish vaccine mandates on private companies and require their employees to get the COVID jabs. Only 29.7% said that the president had the authority to do so.

Survey results also revealed that 27% of Democrats believed President Biden did not have the authority to implement vaccine mandates on private companies compared to 55% of Democrats who said he does. Up to 68% of independents believe that the Democratic leader does not have the power to implement tyrannical vaccine mandates, while 83.5% of Republicans said the same.

"The numbers are clear, the American people passionately oppose Biden's vaccine mandate, and will not tolerate a president elected by the people acting like a dictator or king," Convention of States Action president Mark Meckler said. "They know full well that this precedent will quickly lead to an end to our republic and the beginning of an oppressive new tyranny."

Meckler added, "Our citizens stand squarely with courageous, principled governors who know this isn't about health, science, or compassion, it's a naked political power grab."

Overall, the poll showed that only 29.7% believe that the president has the power to force vaccine mandates, while among independents, only 21% believe the same. About 10.7% of Republicans share this opinion. Another poll question asked if respondents supported the Biden administration's plans for a "nationwide vaccine mandate on private businesses."

Up to 56% showed support for those projects, including 46.3% who said they would "strongly support" it. Meanwhile, the poll also found that 62.3% of independent voters support state governor's efforts to oppose President Biden's nationwide vaccine mandate on private businesses. Up to 45% said they "strongly support" opposing the vaccine mandates, while 17.3% said they would support it.

Among Republican voters, 78.5% said they would support the state governor's efforts to oppose President Biden's nationwide vaccine mandate on private businesses, with 70.7% saying they would "strongly support" it and 7.8% saying they support it. Even 29.8% of Democrat voters felt the same.

Lastly, the survey results showed that "5.5% of American voters believe President Biden's national vaccine mandate sets a precedent that could be abused by future presidents on other issues, including 58% of independents, 79.5% of Republican voters and 30.4% of Democrats."

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was one of the many Republican leaders who showed displeasure upon the announcement of President Biden's tyrannical vaccine mandate, Voice Of America reported. McDaniel declared, "Joe Biden told Americans when he was elected that he would not impose vaccine mandates. He lied."

McDaniel vowed that the RNC will take legal action against the Biden administration on behalf of "small businesses and workers [who] do not have the money or legal resources to fight Biden's unconstitutional actions and authoritarian decrees."